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How to Add Custom Product Tabs in WooCommerce Using Plugin?

WooCommerce provides a powerful platform for setting up and managing your online store. To enhance the product pages and provide additional information to your customers, you can use the custom product tabs for woocommerce. In this article, we will guide you through the installation and activation process, followed by a detailed discussion on the two methods of adding woocommerce product tabs – globally and for individual products.

Installation and Activation

1. Download the Plugin:

  • Start by logging into your WooCommerce account and downloading the Custom Product Tabs Manager plugin. The plugin usually comes in a .zip file format.

2. Upload the Plugin:

  • Navigate to your WordPress Admin dashboard.
  • Select the “Plugins” tab and click on “Add New.”
  • Choose the “Upload Plugin” option, allowing you to upload the .zip file you downloaded.
  • Click “Install Now” and once the installation is complete, activate the plugin.

3. Activation:

  • Once activated, go to the “Products” section in the WordPress Admin dashboard. You will now see a new option – “Global Tabs.” This is where you can access the features to add and customize custom product tabs.

Methods of Adding Custom Product Tabs

There are two methods of adding woocommerce custom product tabs depending on the store’s requirements. 

  1. Globally 
  2. Product Level

1. Adding Product Tabs Globally

Add Custom Product Tabs Globally
  • After activating the plugin, go to the “Products” section and select “Global Tabs.”
  • Here, you can add tabs that will be displayed on all product pages.
  • Click on “Add New Tab” to create a custom tab. You can customize the tab title, content, and order.
  • Save your changes, and these tabs will now appear across all product pages.

Let’s dive in to discuss this method in detail.

a. Creating a New Tab:

You can initiate the creation of a custom tab by clicking on “Add New Tab.” This action prompts a new post where you can define the title for the tab. 

Within the “Callback” section, you are presented with two options – “Editor” and “Contact 7 Form.” If you opt for the “Editor,” you can use a text editor to add custom content to the tab. Alternatively, selecting “Contact 7 Form” allows you to integrate a contact form, offering an interactive element to your product pages. This flexibility caters to various informational and engagement needs.

b. Restricting Tabs Based on User Roles: 

To personalize the user experience further, the product tabs manager for WooCommerce provides the option to restrict tabs based on user roles. You can choose specific user roles for which the tab will be visible, from administrators and editors to subscribers and guest users. This ensures that certain information or interactions are tailored to specific user segments.

c. Limiting Tabs to Products:

The ability to limit tabs to specific products, categories, or tags is a powerful feature. Whether you want a tab to be associated with all products or only a select few, the plugin offers granular control. By specifying products, product categories, or product tags, you can ensure that the custom tab appears only where relevant, optimizing the presentation of information.

d. Styling of Custom Tab:

Enhancing the visual appeal of your custom tabs is made easy with the “Tab Styling” options. Enabling this feature allows you to customize the appearance of the tab. You can upload a custom icon, set a background image, and define the text color for the tab. This level of customization ensures that your custom tabs not only provide valuable information but also seamlessly integrate with the overall design and branding of your online store.

2. Adding Product Tabs for Individual Products

Product Tabs for Woocommerce
  • Navigate to the product for which you want to add custom tabs.
  • In the product editor, you will find a new tab called “Custom Tabs.”
  • Add a new tab and customize it as needed for this specific product.
  • Save your changes, and these tabs will only appear on the product page you edited.

Now, let’s discuss how you can add custom product tabs to individual products.

a. Adding a New Custom Product Tab to the Product:

The Custom Product Tabs Manager plugin allows you to add custom tabs to individual products. Begin by navigating to “Products” and selecting “Add New.” Within the “Product Data” panel, you’ll find the “Custom Tabs” option. Click on “Add Tab” to introduce new custom tabs specific to the product you are editing. 

b. Restricting Tab to User Roles:

To refine the accessibility of your custom tabs, the woocomerce product tabs plugin lets you restrict them based on user roles. You can select specific users or define which user roles should have access to the tab. 

c. Callback Options:

Similar to the global tab settings, the custom product tabs for woocommerce plugin offers two callback options – “Editor” and “Contact 7 Form.” Whether you want to add custom text or integrate a contact form within the tab, these callback options provide flexibility in creating a personalized and engaging experience for customers exploring individual products.

d. Styling the Product Tab:

Enable this feature to upload a custom icon, set a background image, and define the text color for the tab. This level of customization ensures that the tabs seamlessly integrate with the product page’s design, maintaining a cohesive and visually appealing presentation.

e. Sorting Tabs for Individual Products:

To further customize the arrangement of tabs on individual product pages, the plugin offers a “Tabs Sorting” option within the “Product Data” panel. This allows you to disable global tabs for specific products, customize default tabs like Description, Review, and Additional Information, and enable sorting. 

The drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to re-order custom and default tabs, giving you complete control over the tab layout for each product. This level of customization ensures that the most relevant information is prominently displayed, contributing to an optimized user experience.

Final Words

The Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce provides a user-friendly way to enhance your product pages with additional information. Whether you want to add global tabs for consistent details across your store or tailor tabs for individual products, this plugin gives you the flexibility to create a customized shopping experience for your customers. Install, activate, and start enriching your product pages with valuable information using custom tabs today. Head over to for detailed documentation for the plugin

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