All You Need To Know About WooCommerce Hide Price & Add to Cart In 2024

Do you want to hide the price and add-to-cart button on your store? This article is a complete guide for you on how you can conceal the product price and hide the add-to-cart button for your website. Concealing these two includes quite simple ways, which are discussed below step by step. In an online business, you need to work on how to attract an audience to boost your sales and enhance your store satisfaction among customers. 

You can use the WooCommerce hide price & add to cart plugin to make sure the registered and non-registered customers get an effortless shopping experience. Make your business website look impactful for the customers who come and shop after visiting the store once. 

A Complete Setup of Hide Price & Add to Cart Button

The hide price and add to cart button woocommerce plugin helps you conceal the add-to-cart button and prices. The concealing can be specific for both products and categories. It also helps in restricting registered or unregistered user roles. Once the price is hidden, you can insert a customized text to replace it with the price option, and the add to cart button can also be replaced with a custom link if you hide it. 

Following are some steps this article is providing you through which you can set up the hide price plugin and conceal the add to cart button effortlessly on your store, helping customers gain an enhanced shopping experience. 


To set up the Hide Price & Add to Cart Button in WooCommerce, start with the installation process by downloading the file from the WooCommerce Account. Once you are done downloading, head over to plugins from WordPress Admin and upload the file you downloaded by clicking Add New. Now, you can install and activate the plugin in the WooCommerce store. 

Configure Hide Price & Add to Cart Button

Once you are done with the activation process of the WooCommerce Plugin from WordPress, under the WooCommerce Admin Menu, you will be able to see the Hide Price plugin option. Get started by simply clicking on the settings section. 

Generate & Add Several Rules

Hide Price & Add to Cart Button Plugin in WooCommerce gives you the option to create multiple rules as much as you want to hide prices. You have to click the plugin from the WooCommerce admin menu; then, at the slightly top left, you will be able to see the add new rule option. Create and add multiple new rules with just one click. 

Create Hide Price & Add to Cart Button Rule

To create multiple rules for your store, you have to go to the plugin from the WooCommerce menu bar and navigate to add a new rule by clicking it. 

Once you are on the edit page, begin to customize the rule by generating a custom rule title, then head over to the rule settings. In the rule setting, firstly select to restrict which user you want to. You can choose registered and non-registered users as per your choice.

Set Rule Priority & Hide User Role

Set the rule priority of the newly created rule for your store, but provide value from high priority 1 to Low priority 10. If more than one rule is applied to the same item in the store, a rule with high priority will be applied. When you have set the priority of the rule, select the user roles that you want to hide, and make sure to leave it unfilled for access to all registered users. 

Restrict Specific Countries, Products & Categories

Have you ever wondered why there is product showcase differentiation in countries? There are some stores where only some products are shown to different countries. This is because many store owners want to hide their products from specific countries. You can also hide specific countries by selecting the countries which you want to hide. 

Using this plugin, you can not only restrict countries but also provide the option to hide the price of a product and select to conceal a category as well. You can effortlessly hide the add to cart button for specific products you need. 

Hide & Replace Price & Add to Cart Button

The Plugin provides you the facility to hide prices for specific products and categories. If you want to hide the price and add to the cart button, you can do it easily, and it can be replaced with a different option. The hiding price can be replaced by inserting a custom text that you want to showcase on the website. But if you opt to hide the add to cart button, then it can be replaced with a custom button text or URL. You can show text at the place of the add to cart and can showcase the link to replace the add to cart button link. 

It is the choice of the owner to hide or replace options in their store. While configuring, if you don’t want to display the button option, then the plugin provides you with a contact 7 form choice to select. If you opt to choose the form instead of a button, then it will pop up on the front end of your website. 

Following are some rules you can create to hide the prices for some customers by using this plugin. 

  • Hide prices for guest / non-registered customers.
  • Restrict prices for registered users
  • Conceal prices for specific user roles

Hide Prices for Guest Customers

Guest users are mainly non-registered customers. The WooCommerce Hide Price and Add to Cart plugin provides you the option to restrict the prices of non-registered customers. You can hide guest users by navigating to the rule type option in the rule setting sections. Click to choose the guest users option if you want to restrict the display of prices to them. 

Conceal Prices For Registered Or Specific Users

The WooCommerce Hide Price & Add To Cart Button Plugin allows you to create multiple rules while hiding guests and registered users at a time in the store. If you want to hide the price for both, then you have to create and add two different rules. One for the guest users and another for registered customers. In this case, the price and add to cart button can be restricted as you need on your store. 


In conclusion, WooCommerce Hide Price and Add to Cart Button Plugin play an important role on your website in enhancing the store. By following the steps in this guide provided, you can easily restrict countries, products, and categories. The plugin helps you in the customization of multiple newly created rules. You can easily hide prices for guests, registered customers, and specific user roles as well. These flexible features allow you to build an impactful website and create satisfaction results around the customer. 

This setup guide of hide prices will help you in facilitating your customers in such a way that they will come back for sure to shop. So, create an effortless shopping experience, ensuring that the customers are satisfied, and boost your store sales to a higher level.


Q: How do I hide all prices in WooCommerce?

If you want to hide all prices in WooCommerce, head over to the hide price plugin and choose to enable quick view prices. Performing this function will not provide prices to the guest users, but the price will be visible to logged-in users.

Q: How do I hide discount prices in WooCommerce?

Use the change price title plugin to hide discount prices in WooCommerce. The WooCommerce hide price plugin allows you to conceal prices of all or individual products and categories while providing you the option to modify the price title. 

Q: How do I hide the add-to-cart button in WooCommerce?

Hiding the add to cart button is a simple process; click hide price written under the WooCommerce admin menu bar and navigate to add a new rule. At the bottom, you will be able to see the option add to cart. Just click yes to hide the add to cart button in WooCommerce. If you opt to hide, the cart button will be replaced with custom text or a URL. 

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