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B2B for WooCommerce – A Single Solution to All B2B Needs

Since b2b stores are much different than B2C stores, there are many things that need to be added into a b2b store that are not there in b2c store. To manage your b2b needs completely, we have an ultimate solution in the form of a plugin that can be a lifesaver. This article emphasizes on how the features of this plugin can add value to your B2B store. Also, we will tell you about it’s value with respect to money.

B2B for WooCommerce is a combination of 5 of WooCommerce’s best selling plugins of all time.

B2B’s Lethal Combination

WooCommerce B2B plugin includes 5 entirely different management systems that serve multiple purposes for your b2b store:

  • Quotations Management System
  • Role Based Pricing Management
  • Addition of Custom User Registration Fields
  • Management of Product Visibility by User Role
  • Complete Tax Exemption System

All the above mentioned components of B2B possess a ton of features and their stand alone value is more than $300. BUT When you buy WooCommerce B2B plugin, they come altogether at the cost of $149 Only, you can save more than $150. Lets discuss all the components one by one.

Request a Quote for WooCommerce

Knowing the needs of a B2B store, a quotation management system is a must-have for it. Because in cases where bulk quantity is to be ordered or orders larger than usual placed, quotations are the best way to do it.

WooCommerce B2B plugin includes a quotation management system that can help store owners to enable Request a Quote option on their stores and easily manage them from the backend. So the ordinary pricing becomes useless in B2B interactions hence comes the concept of quotations. By integrating B2B for WooCommerce’s quotation management system you can not only receive quotations from customers but also negotiate on pricing by sending the revised quote back to the customer in which case customer will have the option to convert quote to order. This makes it more than just a quotation tool it paves the way for successful communication between they buyer and seller.  

Request a Quote for WooCommerce has a standalone value of $69.

WooCommerce Role Based Pricing

A B2B Store consists of more than 1 type of customers. In some cases you are selling to a wholesale customer while in some you are selling to retailers and some B2B do B2C as well. Hence arrives the need of assigning roles to customers. User roles are usally assigned on the basis of customer demand which enables you to know what your customers are looking for and how can you sell them better.

WooCommerce Role Based Pricing allows you to set different prices for your B2B and B2C customers. Since we know that B2C customers order in less quantity hence the retails stores usually operate on earning more margin per order while on the other hand B2B customers are all about quantity hence margins are kept low on purpose. That’s why you need different pricing strategies for different user roles.

WooCommerce Role Based Pricing has a standalone value of $79

Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce

Registration plays an important role in any ecommerce business but has a huge significance in B2B stores since its a gesture of customer’s intant to buy from your store. Hence collecting additional information of customer for a quicker checkout process and future marketing practices becomes easier when you have a elaborate registration form.

Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce allows you to add unlimited customizable fields to your registration form. In addition to this you can also customize the default fields. Adding new fields to your registration form is important from marketing perspective. For example a simple field like “How did you find us” can be a major breakthrough for your marketing strategy as it can identify the source of traffic hence resulting in better marketing strategies for that platform.

WooCommerce Custom User Registration Fields has a standalone value of $49.

WooCommerce Product Visibility by User Role

Store that operate both in B2B and B2C areas know that some products are note profitable when sold in low quantities and when these products are offered on higher prices to manage the margins, low price competitors win the race. Hence the offerings of a traditional B2B store usually differs on customer to customer basis.

This is B2B for WooCommerce’s product visibility management system. It allows you to show or hide products by user roles. Its ideal in cases where you’re not earning enough on a product when selling in low quantities to cover your expenses while on the other hand you can make a decent earning while selling in bulk quantities. Hence you limit the product visibility for B2C customers.

WooCommerce Product Visibility by User Role has a standalone value of $49

Tax Exempt for WooCommerce

B2B Customers often look for ways to reduce their costs through various methods i.e ordering more at once, selecting shipping methods that take longer but are cheaper and selecting payment options that in which they have to pay none to low transaction costs. Tax bills are a huge blow to a B2B store’s profit margins.

Tax Exempt for WooCommerce allows your B2B customers to claim tax exemption on their orders. B2B for WooCommerce’s Tax Exemption System allows you to add multiple fields in your checkout page to collect tax certificates and tax numbers. Admin can manually review tax exemption requests and grant tax exemptions. Offering tax exemptions can be you unique selling proposition hence cutting down the huge tax based costs can be attractive to your b2b customers.

Tax Exempt for WooCommerce has a standalone value of $59.


B2B for WooCommerce is a great package which has everything to offer what a B2B store really needs. The plugins included in the package have a standalone value of over $300 which makes it a great value for all the stores. So lets configure your store with B2B for WooCommerce and feel free to reach out to us in case of any confusions or queries.

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