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Best WooCommerce Plugins to Drive More Sales in 2024

Are you ready to take your WooCommerce store to new heights in 2024? The digital landscape is evolving rapidly, and staying competitive requires leveraging the latest tools and technologies. To guide you on this journey, we’ve compiled a list of the best WooCommerce extensions designed to drive more sales and enhance your e-commerce experience. 

10 Best WooCommerce Plugins in 2024

Let’s dive into the top plugins that can revolutionize your store and set you on the path to unparalleled success.

  • Request a Quote for WooCommerce
  • Gift Card for WooCommerce
  • Products By Attributes & Variations for WooCommerce
  • B2B for WooCommerce
  • Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Product Options and Addons
  • WooCommerce Composite Products Builder
  • Country Restrictions for WooCommerce
  • Product Video for WooCommerce
  • Custom Stock Status WooCommerce

1. Request a Quote for WooCommerce

addify request quote woocommerce plugin

This WooCommerce request a quote plugin goes beyond the traditional “Add to Cart” button, offering a seamless way for customers to request personalized quotes, making the entire process of managing quotes and purchases more efficient. The plugin allows users to easily add multiple products to their quote basket, modify their choices, and submit a comprehensive quote form. 

You can customize the appearance of the “Add to Quote” button to completely control the visual aspects of your store. You can choose to hide prices and replace the traditional “Add to Cart” button with one that aligns with your brand image.

Request a Quote for WooCommerce allows you to tailor the quote submission form by adding various fields and customizing them according to the information you require from your customers. Additionally, you can apply restrictions based on user roles, specific products, or categories to fine-tune the quote submission process.

What’s in the package:

  • Seamless quotation management system
  • B2B customer engagement
  • Smart submission restrictions
  • Adaptable quote submission form
  • Bulk product management
  • Customizable appearance of the quote button
  • Personalize emails for admins and customers 

Pricing Plans

  • Monthly Subscription: $5.75
  • Annual Subscription: $69

2. Gift Card for WooCommerce

Simplify the gift-giving process on your WooCommerce store by incorporating the Gift Card for WooCommerce plugin. The user-friendly dashboard allows for easy creation and management of various gift card types. Customers can choose from pre-designed images or upload their own, adding a personal touch to every gift. The plugin allows users to create unique gift cards by setting fixed or variable amounts. It also supports discounts in both fixed and percentage modes. 

It is ideal for businesses aiming to create, manage, and sell digital gift cards in their online stores. The Gift Card for WooCommerce plugin is also perfect for merchants looking to distribute coupon codes effectively. You can set validity periods for the gift cards, offering a time-sensitive element that encourages timely usage.

Offering custom gift cards and discounts not only enhances customer engagement but also drives sales. By incorporating this plugin, you create a unique and interactive shopping experience that encourages repeat business and customer loyalty.

What’s in the package:

  • Create and manage multiple customizable gift cards
  • Customize gift cards
  • Gift card discounts
  • Pdf gift cards
  • Personalize gift card emails
  • Add gift card gallery
  • Gift card dashboard
  • Gift card usage log
  • Virtual and physical gift cards

Pricing Plans

  • Monthly Subscription: $6.58
  • Annual Subscription: $79

3. Products By Attributes & Variations for WooCommerce

Products By Attributes & Variations for WooCommerce plugin offers two flexible ways to showcase product variations: either as individual products on the listing page or neatly organized as attributes in dropdown menus. 

Choose to simplify the navigation for your customers by providing the option to hide parent products. This feature ensures that users can quickly find and select the specific product variations they desire without unnecessary clutter.

The plugin supports an unlimited number of product attributes and variations. Allow customers to add products directly to their cart from the listing page and eliminate the need for users to navigate to individual product pages.

It is one of the best WooCommerce plugins ideal for businesses with a diverse product range and numerous attributes.

What’s in the package:

  • Variations as simple products
  • Product variations on the shop page
  • Variations dropdown
  • Product and category restrictions
  • Hide parent product
  • Customize variation appearance
  • Unlimited attributes and variations
  • Multiple variations layout

Pricing Plans

  • Monthly Subscription: $4.08
  • Annual Subscription: $49

4. B2B for WooCommerce

A complete B2B solution

B2B for WooCommerce is an all-in-one solution for streamlined operations. The plugin provides easy customization options for B2B registration forms, allowing you to gather specific information from your wholesale customers and streamline the onboarding process.

You can choose to control your product offerings and pricing based on user roles. With B2B for WooCommerce, you can manage product visibility for different customer groups and adjust prices dynamically. 

The plugin also offers a robust quotation system, which facilitates communication with wholesale customers and optimizes the negotiation and sales process. 

B2B for WooCommerce enables you to manage tax visibility, offer exemptions, and ensure compliance with regional tax regulations.

Lastly, tailor your payment and shipping methods based on user roles. The plugin empowers you to restrict payment and shipping options for specific user roles, ensuring a secure and efficient transaction process tailored to the needs of your B2B customers.

What’s in the package:

  • B2B registrations
  • Adjust product visibility and prices
  • Quantity-based pricing
  • Robust quotation management system
  • Include/exclude tax
  • Tax exemption
  • Restrict payment/shipping
  • Order-based limitation

Pricing Plans

  • Monthly Subscription: $12.42
  • Annual Subscription: $149

5. Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce

Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce

Revolutionize your WooCommerce store’s registration process with the WooCommerce Custom User Registration Fields plugin. You can add personalized information fields to the registration form and collect a variety of customer details with an array of field options, including multi-select choices, dropdowns, checkboxes, dates, and file uploads. This flexibility allows you to gather specific information crucial to your business needs, providing valuable insights into your customer base.

You can also customize default options to align with your brand identity and specific requirements. The added fields seamlessly integrate into the customer’s ‘My Account’ page, providing a centralized location for users to manage their information. This plugin is perfect for businesses aiming to collect detailed and specific customer information.

What’s in the package:

  • Unlimited custom fields
  • 17 field types
  • Customize default fields
  • Display field data on the My Account page
  • Personalize email templates
  • Registration fields on the checkout page
  • Approve new user registration manually
  • User role dropdown

Pricing Plans

  • Monthly Subscription: $4.08
  • Annual Subscription: $49

6. WooCommerce Product Options and Addons


Elevate customer choices with WooCommerce Product Options and Addons plugin. Allow customers to personalize their orders by choosing from a range of product options and add-ons.

Enjoy full control over the ordering process with the ability to customize text, and visuals, and apply restrictions based on user roles. You can also create and manage unique add-ons for all or specific products. The plugin allows you to make add-ons, either required or optional.

Furthermore, you can easily manage and track multiple product options through a comprehensive log. This feature enables you to view and monitor orders with product options and add-ons efficiently.

This plugin is suitable for creating any number of custom fields to style your product pages according to your unique preferences.

What’s in the package:

  • Versatile personalization options
  • 17 different add-ons
  • Restrict user roles
  • Flexible add-on management
  • Track multiple product options
  • Make add-ons dependant
  • Limit for products and categories
  • Create global add-ons
  • Multiple price adjustment modes

Pricing Plans

  • Monthly Subscription: $4.08
  • Annual Subscription: $49

7. WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

Create personalized and configurable products using Composite Products for WooCommerce. The plugin provides three distinct layout options. Customers can easily choose components and display existing products as options.

WooCommerce Composite Products Builder offers versatile pricing options with five different modes. Set individual product pricing or opt for a fixed price for the final product. This WooCommerce plugin supports varied pricing options, including fixed pricing and base plus components added.

Lastly, the plugin allows you to handle product configurations efficiently, apply discounts, and set quantity limits. 

What’s in the package:

  • Custom build products 
  • Tailored configurations for unique products
  • Three layout options
  • Flexible pricing modes
  • Manage complex product configurations
  • Make components conditional

Pricing Plans

  • Monthly Subscription: $7.42
  • Annual Subscription: $89

8. Country Restrictions for WooCommerce

Enhance international user experience with Country Restrictions for WooCommerce. This robust tool allows you to implement country-specific restrictions for individual products and categories.

Apply various restrictions for different countries individually or in bulk with the plugin’s rule-based management system. Furthermore, you can customize the shopping experience by restricting prices and the Add to Cart button based on countries. The plugin offers the option to disable prices and the Add to Cart button for specific products and categories. Replace these elements with custom text or links for a more personalized touch.

Using the plugin, you can improve the international customer experience by hiding or displaying payment methods based on countries. Furthermore, displays error messages or redirects users accessing restricted links to alternative pages accessible in their countries. Lastly, the plugin allows you to display custom restriction messages for customers.

What’s in the package:

  • Tailor country-wise product restrictions
  • Comprehensive rule-based management
  • Flexible price and add-to-cart controls
  • Control payment method visibility
  • Seamless error handling and URL redirection
  • Bulk restrictions and custom messages

Pricing Plans

  • Monthly Subscription: $4.08
  • Annual Subscription: $49

9. Product Video for WooCommerce

Product Video for WooCommerce plugin lets you add or embed videos from various sources, including your computer, YouTube, and other online platforms, to enhance the visual appeal of your products. The plugin enables you to showcase your products in the best light by customizing thumbnails that capture the essence of your featured or product videos.

You can choose to add multiple videos with the WooCommerce Product Video plugin. Select from three playback options: in a pop-up, in the gallery window, or in full screen. You can incorporate detailed videos that showcase product features, previews, and demos.

The plugin enables you to highlight key products by adding a featured video to your product pages. This feature allows you to draw attention to specific items, encouraging customers to engage more deeply with your products.

Choose from two stylish gallery styles: the HTML5 LightBox or the WooCommerce Style Gallery. Additionally, fine-tune the display of your videos on both product and category pages by adjusting parameters such as video height, width, and playback options. 

What’s in the package:

  • Create custom thumbnails
  • Embed multiple videos
  • Featured video highlights
  • Stylish gallery styles
  • Versatile product gallery
  • Three options to play videos
  • Customize preview and play options

Pricing Plans

  • Monthly Subscription: $4.92
  • Annual Subscription: $59

10. Custom Stock Status WooCommerce

One of the best WooCommerce extensions to transform product and category pages and provide precise and meaningful information about stock availability. It enables you to automatically display custom stock statuses based on various conditions.

Choose to create visually appealing and meaningful stock statuses by incorporating text, images, and icons. The WooCommerce custom stock status plugin allows you to customize the display position of these statuses for both product and listing pages. Take customization to the next level with the ability to change text-based status text color and font size. This advanced feature ensures that your stock statuses not only convey information but also align with your brand aesthetics.

You can also limit stock statuses based on dynamic variation conditions such as user roles, specific products, categories, stock quantity range, and the current stock status (e.g., out of stock or on backorder). Moreover, you can create eye-catching and meaningful stock statuses using various formats, including images, text-only, text with dates, and text with icons. 

What’s in the package:

  • Display custom stock statuses
  • Customize status display position
  • Show/hide stock status for user roles
  • Stock status for out-of-stock products
  • Limit for products and categories
  • Quantity and stock status types
  • Custom stock status message

Pricing Plans

  • Monthly Subscription: $4.08
  • Annual Subscription: $49

Final Remarks

The best WooCommerce plugins mentioned above are your gateway to unlocking the full potential of your WooCommerce store in 2024. By incorporating these tools into your strategy, you’ll not only boost sales but also enhance the overall shopping experience for your customers. Stay ahead of the competition, drive more sales, and make 2024 your most successful year yet!

Feel free to reach out for any kind of support required regarding these WooCommerce plugins!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I increase sales in WooCommerce?

Ans. Some of the top strategies to increase your store sales in 2024 are:
– Improve the Page Loading Speed
– Creating a User-Friendly and Intuitive Shopping Experience
– Use SEO Strategies to Improve Visibility
– Use an Attractive WooCommerce Theme
– Offer Gift Cards to Customers
– Upload Highlighting Videos of the Products
– Display Stock Statuses

Q2. Can customers set expiration dates for the gift cards they purchase?

Ans. Yes, using the Gift Card for WooCommerce plugin, you are able to set expiration dates for your gift cards.

Q3. Can the “Country Restriction for WooCommerce” plugin restrict access based on user roles?

Ans. Yes, the Country Restriction for WooCommerce plugin allows you to show or hide stock statuses based on user roles.

Q4. What customization options are available for product variations with “Products By Attributes & Variations for WooCommerce”?

Ans. This plugin offers versatile customization options for product variations, allowing you to display variations as single products or attributes in dropdown menus, catering to different user preferences.

Q5. How do Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce enhance the registration process?

Ans. The Custom User Registration Fields plugin enriches the registration process by enabling the addition of personalized information fields, providing businesses with the ability to gather specific customer details.

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