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How to Make a (BOGO) Buy One Get One Offer in WooCommerce

Every store owner always tries to boost their store to market. If you are in search of how to add a discount or BOGO offer on your store using Woocommerce? Then, yes, you are on the right platform. Here, we will guide you on how you can create a BOGO offer, bundles, or giveaway alerts on your store with a very simple and effective step. As you all know, giving discounts or rewarding your customers has always been an effective way to improve customer engagement, build trust, and increase satisfaction. Using BOGO offers can also work the same for you; they can increase the sales rate and help you clear all your leftover inventory by attracting new customers to get rewards. 

Since WooCommerce itself does not have any (BOGO) offer, we can create that with the help of using a plugin. The plugin to create a BOGO offer is the WooCommerce Chained Products Plugin by Addify. In this article, we will show you how you can make a BOGO “buy one get one” offer in WooCommerce and grab the customer’s attention. 

Create a (BOGO) Buy One Get One Offer in WooCommerce

woocommerce chained products

Easily manage the store by setting the woocommerce chained product plugin by Addify. It helps you to link different products to other products, which makes the customers purchase them together. Offer the linked product for free or at the discount rate according to your reference. With this plugin, set a fixed quantity of links and main products and create bundles and packages, especially BOGO and giveaway alerts, by simply activating chained product plugins on your store. It will help you improve the customer satisfaction and increase the store revenue. 

Following are the steps through which you can create a BOGO buy one get one offer in WooCommerce

  • Installation
  • Configure Chained Product
  • Establish multiple new rules
  • Manage chained products with ease
  • Modify the product page in general settings

Now, let’s explore each of the above steps in detail to create a BOGO (buy one, get one) offer in WooCommerce.


Setting up a (BOGO) buy one get one offer in WooCommerce is quite easy; you just have to start with the installation process. Go to WooCommerce Account, download the file, and wait till the file is downloaded. Once it is completed, head to the WordPress Admin section and click Plugins, which will navigate you to the download panel, just simply upload the file by clicking Add New. Now, you can effortlessly install and activate the chained product plugin in the WooCommerce store. 

Configure Chained Product 

Once you have completed the installation and activation process, you will be able to see the WooCommerce Chained Products Plugin in the WooCommerce menu bar. The plugin allows you to create and add multiple rules with distinct customization options. 

Additionally, a list of rules created in the rules section will be seen through which you can view, edit, or delete according to your needs. There are a few key actions through which you can manage the rules section. 

Following are some key actions:

  • Manage bulk actions
  • Utilize the search box to find any chained product
  • Customize the fields according to month & year
  • Create a new chained product rule

Establish Multiple New Rules

Create multiple rules in chained product for woocommerce plugin

Once you have reached the store’s product edit page, you can customize it by setting new rules from multiple options. To start from scratch, you have to integrate the rule title and then choose any user roles from the dropdown menu to apply rules for specific users. 

The Chained Products Plugin helps you to configure the rule by specifying:

  • Products
  • Category
  • Chained products

Manage Chained Products With Ease

manage chained product in woocommerce

By clicking chained products in the products column, a list of chained products you added will be visible. There are a few features to add chained products to your store that are as follows:

  • Product
  • Quantity Type
  • Quantity/ maximum Quantity
  • Price Type
    • Same Price
    • Free
    • Discount in Percentage
    • Fixed Discount
  • Apply Discount

If you want to remove any product, then simply click on the X written next to the discount section. 

Modify the Product Page in General Settings

You can modify the Product Page in woocommerce chained product through general setting

Using the WooCommerce Chained Products plugin, you can efficiently configure the product page by adjusting the product position and title. You can set the position with a dropdown option such as: 

  • After Product Title
  • After Product Price
  • After the Add to Cart Button

Along with this set title will show to users on the product page with chain products, and the title should be unique and descriptive so that it can be understood easily. The configuring product page with few options includes stock restriction; this section contains two options. You can opt for nay to display it in-store to customers. The following are the options:

  • Add to cart by excluding out-of-stock chained product
  • Out of stock entire product


In conclusion, if you want to build an effective website with lots of rewards for your customers, which will encourage them to visit your site and shop more often, then the WooCommerce Chained Products Plugin by Addify plays an important role. All you have to do is install and activate the plugin. Chained products from WooCommerce help you build satisfaction and trust among people. 

In addition, you can improve engagement and attract new customers by offering rewards and setting rules according to the plugin’s features. Features like creating BOGO offers, deals, giveaways, and more help keep a site top-notch in the market. You can boost sales, offer customers their requirements, manage deals, and improve your store’s revenue. 

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