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10 Ways You Can Customize WooCommerce Shop Page

The default WooCommerce Shop Page on your site’s frontend is dynamically generated. However, you have no control over its appearance because it is determined by your WordPress Theme and WooCommerce. Because WooCommerce is used on many websites, each online store might look and feel the same.

Customize the WooCommerce Shop Page – 10 Ways 

Your WooCommerce store’s design should reflect your brand just as much as the products on display. Here are some simple ways to customize your WooCommerce shop page.

  1. Modify the Product Images and Product Reviews 
  2. Display Products, Categories, or Both
  3. Add Custom Product Filters
  4. Add Watermarks
  5. Customize Add to Cart Button
  6. Add a Quick Buy Now Button
  7. Customize the Product Card Design
  8. Use Product Shortcode
  9. Implement Product Review
  10. Use Product Zoom and Lightbox Effects

Modify the Product Images and Product Reviews 

By customizing the product images and product reviews on the shop page, you can ensure that your store’s branding is consistent and makes a positive impression on customers. To modify the WooCommerce shop page:

  • Visit the WooCommerce dashboard.
  • Go to Settings and select Products.
  • Choose the Layout tab.

Here you will see layout settings for your product pages. You can modify the width of your product pages by using the Product Page Width setting. You can choose whether to display the product image above or below the title in the Product Images section. You can also customize the dimensions of your product photos.

Display Products, Categories, or Both

Your WooCommecre product page includes product info that is crucial to catching users’ attention. With the WooCommerce settings, you can choose to display simple products, product categories, or both as needed. 

Just follow these steps:

  • Open the WooCommerce dashboard.
  • Go to Appearance and choose Customize.
  • Choose WooCommerce, then select Product Catalog.
  • In the Category Display drop-down menu, choose Show Products, Show Categories, Show Products, and Categories. 

Add Custom Product Filters

Product filters are a crucial component of the user experience on your WooCommerce Shop page. Your customers will only see a big list of products if there is no product filtering option. Many visitors will be turned off by this. On the other hand, if your store provides good product filtering, visitors may have a positive experience and return for another purchase.

Go to the plugin settings and configure the filters you want to add to the shop page. This may vary depending on your chosen plugin, but most plugins will allow you to add categories, attributes, prices, and more filters.

Add Watermarks

Adding a watermark to your product images helps to protect your images from being used without permission and helps to prevent image theft. Image Watermark for WooCommerce helps make your store look more professional and polished, which can increase customer confidence and trust. When adding watermarks to your images, it’s important to ensure that the watermark is consistent with your store’s branding and is not too large or intrusive. Additionally, make sure to test the watermarked images on different devices and screen sizes to ensure they look good and are legible.

Customize Add to Cart Button

Change the text and color of the “Add to Cart” button to match your store’s branding. Custom Add to Cart Button for WooCommerce allows you to replace the standard “add to cart” button by modifying it. This feature allows you to change the text, color, size, and more. To configure the plugin, follow the steps below: 

  • Go to WooCommerce and select Settings.
  • On the Custom Add to Cart, choose the Create Rule tab to add a rule.

Add a Quick Buy Now Button

Quick Buy Now Button for WooCommerce allows customers to make a purchase quickly and easily without navigating away from the product page. This can greatly improve the customer experience and increase the chances of conversion.  A well-designed and prominently placed quick buy button can greatly improve the user experience for customers, providing a clear and straightforward way for them to make a purchase.

Customize the Product Card Design

A well-designed product card can help highlight each product’s key features and benefits, making it easier for customers to make informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, a visually appealing product card design can make your store stand out and create a memorable shopping experience, which can lead to increased customer engagement and loyalty. 

Use Product Shortcode

Product shortcodes are a powerful tool that allows you to display specific products, product categories, or product attributes in various ways on your shop page, such as in a grid, list, or slider format. This can help to create a more dynamic and engaging shopping experience for customers. 

Implement Product Review

Product reviews allow users to see other customers’ experiences and opinions, which can considerably affect their purchasing decisions. Furthermore, product reviews can help build trust in your store by proving that others have had favorable experiences with your products, leaving room for improvement. 

Use Product Zoom and Lightbox Effects

When creating a WooCommerce shop page, using product zoom and lightbox effects is vital since it allows customers to get a closer look at the products they are interested in. Product zoom provides a magnified view of a product, allowing customers to see its features and characteristics more deeply. On the other hand, lightbox effects display a larger version of the product image in a modal window, allowing shoppers to study the product in greater detail without leaving the product page.

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