About Magento 2 Choose Customer Group at Registration

Overview of Magento 2 Choose Customer Group at Registration

What does the plugin do

Magento 2 Choose Customer Group at Registration extension allows B2B customers to select their preferred user roles during registration, allowing them to automatically categorize themselves in your database. Empower customers to choose the appropriate customer groups during the signup process. Moreover, the option to enable manual approvals for specific user groups provides further control and customization.


The extension comes packed with all the needy features required for an efficient and smooth registration process. These features include: 

  • Allow customers to choose a customer group on registration
  • Enable customers to select a suitable customer group 
  • Approve auto or manual customer group allocation
  • Notify admin and customers regarding order status through email
  • Display all or specific customer groups on the registration form
  • Enable manual approval for all or specific groups
  • Perform bulk actions on selected customer groups

Customization Options

Enhance the user experience and ensure more accurate categorization of customers in your system with Magento 2 Choose Customer Group at Registration.

  • Personalize the dropdown title for customer groups