How to Protect All or Specific Products, Pages, and Categories with Passwords in Magento 2?

Protect All or Specific Products, Pages, and Categories with Passwords

To protect specific products, pages, and categories with passwords in Magento 2 using the Addify Password Protected Products and Pages extension, follow these steps:

Log in to your Magento 2 admin panel.

Navigate to “Addify EXTENSIONS” in the admin menu.

Click on “Addify Password Protected” and then select “Manage Password Protected.”

Add New Password Protection:

On the “Manage Password Protected” page, click the “Add New” button to create a new password protection rule.

Configure Password Protection Rule:

On the “Password Protected Information” section, configure the following options:

  • Title: Specify a descriptive title for the password protection rule.
  • Store View: Choose the store view(s) where the password protection should be applied. Options include:
    • All Store Views
    • Default Store View
  • Enable: Toggle the enable switch to activate password protection for the selected content.
  • Priority: Define the priority of the password protection rule.
  • Assign Products: In the “Assign Products” section, search for and select the products you want to protect with a password. Once selected, these products will be protected by the password you specify.

Note: You can filter products by various criteria such as name, SKU, visibility, and status.

  • Assign Categories: In the “Assign Categories” section, select the categories you want to protect. Password protection will apply to all products within the selected categories.
  • Assign CMS Pages: In the “Assign CMS Pages” section, select the CMS pages that should be protected. The dropdown provides options such as:
    • 404 Not Found
    • Home Page
    • Enable Cookies
    • Privacy Policy
    • About Us
    • Customer Service

Save Configuration:

After configuring the password protection rule and assigning products, categories, and CMS pages, click the “Save Config” button to apply the configuration.

Now, the specified products, categories, and CMS pages will be protected with the password according to the rules you’ve set up using the Addify Password Protected Products and Pages extension. Users will need to enter the correct password to access the protected content.