Setting Up Magento 2 Password Protected Products and Pages

Protecting Specific Products, Pages, & Categories in Magento 2 

Adding A New Password Protection

On the manage password-protected page, click on the “Add New” button if you want to add protection to any product, category, or CMS page. 

The “Manage Password Protected” page allows you to configure the following options. 

1. Password Protected Information:

Title: Specify a descriptive title for the password protection rule 

Store View: Choose the store view(s) where the password protection should be applied. Options include: 

  • All Store Views
  • Default Store View

Enable: Toggle the enable switch to activate password protection for the selected content

Priority: Define the priority of the password protection rule

Assign Products:
In this section, you can search for and select the products you want to protect with a password. Once you’ve selected the products, they will be protected by the password you specify.

Note: You can filter products by various criteria such as name, SKU, visibility, and status

Assign Categories: 

If you want to protect all products within a specific category, you can do so in this section. 

Simply select the categories you want to protect, and the password protection will apply to all products within those categories.

Assign CMS Pages: 

Select CMS pages that should be protected. The dropdown gives you the following options:

  • 404 Not Found
  • Home Page
  • Enable Cookies
  • Privacy Policy
  • About Us
  • Customer Service

Manage Passwords

This section allows you to add a new password. Click the “add new” button written on the right side and enter the desired password in the text box.

Managing Password-Protected Items in a Grid 

This section is dedicated to effectively managing your password-protected items. The grid provides a comprehensive view of each item, displaying the following information:

  • ID
  • Title
  • Priority
  • Store View
  • Status
  • Date Created
  • Date Modified
  • Action

Listed below are additional actions available for you to perform on this page:

  • Click the “Add New” button to create a new password-protected item.
  • Use the available Search and Filtering options to locate specific items quickly.
  • Choose the Columns you want to display in the grid 

Note: If you are using the extension for the first time or have not yet created any password-protected items, this dashboard will initially display no records.

General Settings  

Enabled: Use this option to enable or disable the Magento 2 Password Protected Products and Pages extensions on your website 

Yes: Choose Yes to Enable 

No: Choose No to Disable 

Restrict Page Setting

This section allows you to customize the appearance and functionality of password protection for specific pages and products.

Heading: Enter the heading that will be displayed on password-protected pages

Label Text: Set the label text for the password input field

Button Text: Customize the text on the password submission button


Description: Provide a description or instructions for users entering the password.

Search Engine Optimization

In this section, you can optimize the password-protected pages and products for search engines.

Password Protected Identifier: Customize a unique identifier for password-protected pages and products

URL Suffix: Specify a URL suffix to be added to the URLs of password-protected pages and products

Title: Set the title of password-protected pages 

Enable Google Bot: Use this option to allow or disallow Google bot to access password-protected pages. The dropdown gives you two options: 

  • Yes
  • No

Click the “Save Config” button to apply the configuration.