About Magento 2 Redirect after Login, Logout and Registration

Overview of Magento 2 Redirect after Login, Logout and Registration

What does the plugin do

Magento 2 Redirect after Login, Logout, and Registration extension provides a convenient solution for redirecting customers to custom pages based on specific types of consumer groups, allowing you to enhance the user experience and potentially increase conversion rates.

You can go beyond Magento’s default action of directing users to the My Account page. Instead, redirect them to more relevant and purposeful pages tailored to their specific needs and preferences.


The extension offers a valuable feature set that allows you to optimize the redirection process.

  • Enable/disable the custom redirect rule with ease
  • Configure individual redirects for registration, login, and logout
  • Add a custom Url for each redirect
  • Allow users to redirect to a previous page, default My Account page, Home page, or a custom Url
  • Supports Social Login, Simple & Ajax Based Login

Customization Options

With this extension, create personalized experiences for different segments of your customer base.

  • Specify customer groups for each redirect from:
    • All Groups
    • General
    • Wholesale
    • Retailer