About Prestashop Donations Manager

Overview of Prestashop Donations Manager

What does the plugin do

PrestaShop Donations Manager is a comprehensive donation management system designed to assist store owners in creating and promoting multiple donation campaigns on their websites. Easily configure donations as either fixed products or customizable amounts and showcase campaign banners in various locations throughout your store’s website. 


The PrestaShop Donation Manager module allows customer donations to your store by creating and advertising multiple donation campaigns. The complete features of the module include:

  • Create and promote multiple donation campaigns on websites
  • Create multiple donation advertisement banners on your website
  • Show campaign banner on every page
  • Allow customer donations on your store
  • Add a donation amount to their cart during the checkout process
  • Create donation campaigns based on:
    • Products
    • Categories
    • Customer Groups
  • Set the expiry date of donation campaigns
  • Set a minimum amount of donation
  • Allow customers and admin to view donated products in the orders log
  • Enable customers to purchase products as donations
  • Display multiple campaigns simultaneously on the same page
  • Activate the donation campaign button on the advertisement banner

Customization Options

The module supports customization options which include:

  • Set different modes for donation collection:
    • Fixed 
    • Custom
  • Add background images and adjust their position in the banner
  • Adjust the placement of campaign banners on each page as needed