How to Allow Customers to Donate a Product?

Allowing Customers to Donate a Product?

You can enable customers to donate a product through the PrestaShop Donations Manager module on your store. 

Go to Module Manager > Addify Donation > Configure. Configure the general settings of the module by choosing “Yes” to activate the module and advertisements. 

1. Click on the “+” button to create a new campaign. 

2. In the Information section, activate the donation campaign and provide a title and description for the campaign.

3. Set donation priority and specify an end date.

4. Customize the appearance and placement of the donation campaign banner. 

The module offers options to display banners on various pages of your store’s website, including: 

  • Home Page
  • Product Page
  • Category Page
  • Cart Page
  • CMS Page

5. Save the campaign settings and make sure it is enabled.

When customers visit your store, they will see the donation campaign banner promoting the opportunity to donate the specified product.

Customers can select the donation campaign and proceed to the product page. They can add the product to their cart just like any other item.

During the checkout process, customers can review their order and proceed to payment. Customers can choose the donation amount they wish to contribute.

After the order is successfully placed, the system will register the donation and process it accordingly.