How to Customize Donate Button?

Customizing Donate Button

Show a custom Donate Button with advertisements that you display on your store using the PrestaShop Donations Manager. The module allows you to allow the donation button and customize its color. 

Go to Module Manager > Addify Donation > Configure. Configure the general settings of the module by choosing “Yes” to activate the module and donation advertisement. 

Click on “+” to create a new donation rule or edit an existing one.

Go to Donation Advertisement to customize the settings for Donate Button. 

1. Enter the Donation Advertisement Title and add the Description about the same.

2. Scroll down to Donate Button and choose “Yes” to allow the donate button on an advertisement.

3. Enter the donation Button Text.

4. Choose the color for the following:

  • Donation Text 
  • Donation Text Background 

Choose a color that aligns with your store’s branding or complements the overall design of your website.

Save the button customization settings.