Create Multiple Free Gifts Rules

Creating New Rule

While creating new rule you can,

  • Enable/Disable rule
  • Rule title
  • Add rule priority (In case of multiple rules conditions are met, which one should implement)
  • Specify customer groups who can avail gifts
  • Select Gift type
    o Automatic (Gift item is automatically added to cart)
    o Manual (Eligible gift items are displayed on cart and customer can product of his choice to cart as
    o BOGO (Buy X Get Y)
  • Select required products to avail gift or cart amount depending on gift type.
  • Buy all or any of the selected products to receive gift
    Version 1.0
  • Enter required quantity that needs to be purchased to get free gift
  • Add free gift product quantity that can be added to cart
  • Select eligible gift product or products

Configure Automatic Gifts

The automatic gifts type enables you to automatically add the gift product in cart based on adding of selected product(s) in cart or cart total amount. You can choose to force customer to add specific product or set of products in cart to avail the gift. You can also define the quantity of gift item to be added in cart along with the customer group, start and end date for gift.
If you have specified multiple products for gift, the module will randomly select one to automatically include in cart when the conditions are met.

Configure Manual Gifts

With manual gifts type, you can offer gifts based on customer groups, product(s) in cart and cart total amounts. Just like the automatic gift type.
The only difference is, the customer would need to manually add gift items to their cart. The selected products will be displayed as gift options on cart page to let customers select the item and add as gift to their cart.

Configure BOGO and Buy X Get Y Free

With this gift type, you can offer gifts based on customer groups and product added in cart. The gift item would be automatically added in cart along with the required product. You can choose to offer gift based on purchase of single or multiple products.