How to Show Different Prices Based on User Country?

Showing Different Prices Based on User Country

The Price by Customer Group & Country module allows you to show different prices based on the user country in PrestaShop. For this, install and activate the module. 

Access the module configuration page. Go to Module Manager > Addify Price Increment/Reduction > click on Configure. Choose ‘Yes’ to activate the module, and apply customer groups and country conditions.

Next, Add a new rule by clicking “+” and follow the steps below:

General Settings:

1. Choose “Yes” to activate the rule. Enter a rule name and priority and specify the start and end date.


2. Specify the Mode as “Increment” or “Reduction” to apply the rule.

3. Mark any of the options to Apply Increment/Reduction On:

  • Skip Already Incremented/Discounted Products
  • Override Increment/Discount

4. Specify price Type:

  • Amount
  • Percentage

5. Choose a Price Calculation Type to apply the price condition:

  • Retail Price With Taxes
  • Retail Price Without Taxes

6. Enter a Product Minimum Quantity on which the price condition will get applied.

Localization Settings:

7. Choose the Country you want to apply price functionality. 

Save the changes.

By following these steps, you can create multiple rules and set prices for different countries.