About PrestaShop Request a Quote

Overview of PrestaShop Request a Quote

What does the plugin do

The Request a Quote module in PrestaShop allows customers to submit price quotations for products they are interested in, including quantity and offered price details. The module replaces the standard checkout and cart system with a quotation system, enabling customers to submit quotes and merchants to accept or modify them and send the cart link to customers for payment. 


PrestaShop Request a Quote module is essential for B2B stores offering useful features:

  • Enable offered price column to allow customers to offer their prices
  • Add admin email for quote notifications
  • Create multiple rules to show/hide price, add to cart button, and quote button
  • Apply quotation rules to specific products, categories, and customer groups
  • Send cart link to customers in the email
  • Allow customers to purchase at a given price using a direct cart link
  • Allow admin to add price and accept/decline a quote
  • View detailed quotes in a grid form at the backend
  • Place the quote link in the menu
  • View, edit, accept, and generate quote basket link
  • Dedicated quote page with the quote submission form
  • Notify customers about quote submission, acceptance, and generation of the cart link
  • Notify admin when the quote has been submitted
  • Enable quote form fields for customers

Customization Options

The module comes with pre-defined fields that can be enabled for customers and customized as per your requirements. 

  • Customize form fields:
    • Add a custom label for file upload
    • Add a custom label for text type
    • Add a custom dropdown field
    • Add a custom multi-select field