About Prestashop Stock Alert

Overview of Prestashop Stock Alert

What does the plugin do

The PrestaShop Stock Alert module adds a subscription button to out-of-stock products, enabling customers to receive notifications when products are back in stock. Subscribers can access these updates in the “Your Account” section, providing a convenient way to stay informed about product availability.


PrestaShop Stock Alert enables store owners to notify customers about product stock in real-time. Here are the detailed features of the module:

  • Add a “Subscribe” button on out-of-stock products
  • Display subscribed product data in the “Your Account” section
  • Show the status of the subscription (active or inactive)
  • Allow customers to enable or disable email notifications for each subscribed product
  • Enable/disable stock alert
  • Display custom notifications when customers subscribe to a product
  • Send email notifications when a product is back in stock
  • Allow customers to activate or deactivate email alerts from their account settings
  • Manage subscribed customers from the “Addify Stock Alert” section
  • Provide options to add new stock alerts or edit existing ones in the stock alert log
  • Display products that are back in stock on the “Your Account” page
  • Send email notifications to customers on product subscriptions and restoring

Customization Options

Store owners can customize the look and feel of the subscription button using the PrestaShop Stock Alert module. 

  • Customize the subscription button and form on the product page:
    • Button’s color
    • Button’s font color
    • Title text
    • Title text color