About Country Restrictions for WooCommerce

Overview of Country Restrictions for WooCommerce

What does the plugin do

Country Restrictions for WooCommerce offer you the ability to limit the availability of certain products and categories based on selected countries. Apply country restriction rules, set product visibility, and divert customers if they access the product directly. You can also configure the global settings of the plugin based on payment methods. 


The plugin ensures to enhance customer experience and streamline the buying process by providing the following useful features:

  • Create and add unlimited country restriction rules
  • Apply country-based restrictions to your store
  • Select countries to restrict products or hide prices and Add to Cart button
  • Choose the restriction mode to restrict products or hide the price/add to cart button
  • Set the product catalog visibility to show/hide products
  • Set country-based restrictions for selected products, categories, and tags
  • Divert users if they try to access the product directly
  • Choose to divert users to a store page, or custom URL, or display a restriction message 
  • Set priority order to apply the country restriction
  • Enable geolocation to automatically detect the location of the customer
  • Global configuration to select default product visibility
  • Apply global configuration of country restriction based on payment methods
  • Select countries for each payment method to enable/disable the payment method

Customization Options

The plugin supports the following customization options: 

  • Add a custom URL to divert users to a desired link
  • Add a custom restriction message to display when the users try to access the product directly