How to Apply Country-Based Restrictions in WooCommerce?

Applying Country-Based Restrictions

Applying country-based restrictions in WooCommerce offers several benefits for both store owners and customers. Follow these steps if you want to apply country-based restrictions using the Country Restrictions for WooCommerce plugin:

Log in to your WordPress (WP) admin panel and go to Country Restriction > Add New Rule page. You’ll have these customization options here:

  • Title: Enter the rule title
  • Choose Countries: Select the countries from the dropdown menu where you want to apply the restrictions. Ensure that geo-location is enabled for this feature to work correctly.
  • Restriction Mode: Choose the desired restriction mode from the available options:
    • If you wish to restrict access to specific products, select “Restrict Products” from the dropdown menu. This mode offers an additional visibility setting to configure.
      • Select Visibility: Depending on your choice:
        • Opt for “Show Products” to display products.
        • Or select “Hide Products” to keep them hidden.
    • If you want to restrict both price and the ability to add items to the cart, select “Price & Add to Cart” from the dropdown

Choose Products: Select the specific products that should be affected by this rule.

Choose Categories: Choose product categories to which this rule should be applied.

Choose Tags: Apply this rule to products with specific tags.

Restriction Messages: Decide how you want to inform users if they try to access a restricted product directly:

  • Choose “Restriction Message to show a custom text message to users
  • Choose “Select Store Page” from the dropdown to redirect the user to any specific page
  • Choose “Custom URL” to redirect the user to any special website link

Priority: Set the priority for this rule to determine its order of application.

Once you’ve configured all the options, click on the “Publish” button to create and apply the new country restriction rule  in your WooCommerce store.