Setting Up Country Restrictions for WooCommerce

Applying Country-Based Restrictions

Adding New Country Restriction Rule

To create a new country restriction rule, go to Country Restriction > Add New Rule. You can add unlimited customized country restriction rules by completing the following options:

Country Restriction Setting:

Choose Countries: Choose countries from the dropdown for restricting products or hide price/Add to cart. (Note: Geo-location must be enabled)

Restriction Mode: Select the desired restriction mode from the two options:

  • Restrict Products
  • Price & Add to Cart

If you choose to set the restriction mode to “Restrict Products”, select the visibility option:

Select Visibility: Choose to show/hide products for the selected countries

  • Show Products
  • Hide Products

Choose Products: Choose products for the selected action

Choose Categories: Choose product categories for the selected action

Choose Tags: Choose product tags for the selected action

Restriction Messages: Choose an option to divert the user if they access the product directly:

  • Restriction Message: When choosing a “Restriction Message,” enter a custom text
  • Select Store Page: Select a page to divert the user if they access the product directly:
    • Brands
    • Cart
    • Checkout
    • Compare
    • Cookie Policy
    • Gift Registry
    • Invoice & Packing Slips
    • Music 
    • My Account
    • Password Protected Form
    • Products Visibility
    • Request a Quote
    • Sample Page
    • Shop
    • Successfully Unsubscribed
  • Custom URL: Enter a website link to redirect the user 

Priority: Set priority to apply the country restriction rule

Viewing All Rules in a Log

View all country restriction rules created in a single grid or create new rules.

  • Search a desired rule from the search bar
  • Search any custom rule from their title
  • Apply bulk actions to edit or delete a rule 

Configuring the Country Restriction Rules

To access the country restriction settings, go to Country Restriction > Settings. From these settings, you can apply global settings to the country restriction. 

General Settings:

Default Catalog Visibility: Choose default product visibility for all unselected countries from the two options: 

  • Show All Products     
  • Hide All Products

Payment Method Settings:

Select countries and Enable/Disable the following payment methods:

  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Check Payments
  • Cash On Delivery

Note: Enable Geo-location before applying the settings.