How to Prevent the Addition of Digital and Simple Products in the Same Cart?

Preventing the Addition of Digital and Simple Products in the Same Cart

To ensure a seamless shopping experience and maintain clarity in your inventory management, you can prevent customers from mixing digital and physical products in the same cart. Here’s how you can do it:

Install and Activate the Plugin: Begin by installing and activating the “Digital Goods for WooCommerce Checkout” plugin on your WooCommerce store. This plugin is designed to optimize the checkout process, particularly for digital products.

Access Plugin Settings: Once the plugin is activated, navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Digital Goods for Checkout.

Locate “Prevent Mixing” Option: In the plugin settings, you’ll find the “Prevent Mixing” feature. This option is designed to ensure that customers cannot add both digital products and physical products (simple products) to the same shopping cart.

Enable Prevent Mixing: Simply toggle on the “Prevent Mixing” option. This action sets a rule that restricts customers from mixing different types of products in their shopping carts.

Save Changes: After enabling the Prevent Mixing feature, don’t forget to click “Save Changes” to apply the settings to your WooCommerce store.

By implementing this feature, you maintain clarity in your inventory management and simplify the purchasing process for customers. Customers can confidently shop for either digital or physical products without worrying about unintentionally mixing different types of items in their carts. This helps streamline the checkout experience and minimizes any potential confusion, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.