About Product Label and Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

Overview of Product Label and Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

What does the plugin do

Product Label & Variation Swatches for WooCommerce plugin enhance your online store by replacing standard dropdowns with visually appealing options like images, labels, select, radio, and color. With customizable font, background, and border colors, you can tailor the appearance to match your brand. Easily add multiple attributes with custom names and values, making them visible directly on the product page. 


The plugin allows you to showcase product variations elegantly to improve the user experience. The features offered by the plugin are:

  • Display variations using images, labels, select, radio, and color swatches
  • Showcase product variations on shop and product pages
  • Name short names for product attributes and specify name length
  • Add and manage multiple product attributes

Customization Options

The plugin offers various customization options, which include: 

  • Adjust the border width of the product attributes
  • Choose border styles from the following options:
    • Dotted 
    • Dashed
    • Solid
    • Double
    • Groove
    • Ridge
    • Inset 
    • Outset
  • Add a custom name to the attributes and define values
  • Enable attributes to be used for variations
  • Customize new product attributes by specifying:
    • Name 
    • Slug
    • Product Archives
    • Default Sort Order
    • Type of Attribute
  • Tailor the appearance of different product attributes