About Request a Quote for WooCommerce

Overview of Request a Quote for WooCommerce

What does the plugin do

WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin offers a comprehensive quotation management system, allowing customers to request quotes before purchasing products. Easily add a quote button to specific products, enabling customers to add them to a quote basket similar to adding items to a cart. Customers can submit their quotation by filling out a simple quote form. 


Request a Quote for WooCommerce provides a seamless experience for handling quotation requests. Here are the detailed features of the plugin:

  • Enable the “Add to Quote” button on selected products and categories
  • Display quote button for specific product variations
  • Display the “Add to Quote” button for guests and specific user roles
  • Choose to replace the “Add to Cart” button with a quote button or a custom button and link
  • Add a custom quote button text
  • Hide the price and add a custom text 
  • Add multiple products to the quote basket
  • Display products in a mini quote basket
  • Create and add multiple fields to the quote submission form
  • Send email notifications to admin and customers automatically
  • Enter a URL to redirect after the quote form submission
  • Attach quote to multiple menus
  • Select the menu where you want to display the mini quote basket
  • Display standard price in My Account, Quote Basket, and Quote Emails
  • Choose from the multiple field types
  • Specify field order, sort fields, and mark them as optional or mandatory
  • Create new quotes at the backend and notify customers via email
  • Choose a quote status (Pending, in process, canceled, etc.)
  • Notify customers about quote status change via email
  • Add products with quantity and convert a quote into an order
  • Enable customers to offer quote price
  • Edit the quoted price and convert it into an order 

Customization Options

The plugin supports the following personalization options:

  • Enter a custom text for the following:
    • Quote submission message
    • Quote basket button text
    • Place quote button text
    • Update quote button text
  • Set color options for:
    • Place quote button background color
    • Place quote button color
    • Update quote button background color
    • Update quote button color
  • Customize email templates for the following quote statuses:
    • Admin (New Quote)
    • Pending/New Quote
    • In Process
    • Accepted
    • Converted to Order (Admin)
    • Converted to Order (Customer)
    • Declined/Products Not Available
    • Canceled/Rejected

Use Cases:

  • Hide prices and replace the “add to cart” button with the quote button. This feature is useful for wholesale, retailer, and other B2B customers, as it encourages them to request price estimates instead of displaying fixed prices. 
  • Configure different quotation options for different user roles like guest users, general customers, retail customers, and wholesale customers.
  • Customers can request price estimates for products that do not have fixed prices and request a quote based on specific requirements.