How to Customize Email Templates for Customers and Admin?

Customizing Email Templates

Request a Quote for WooCommerce allows you to customize email templates for admin and customers. Customers will receive email notifications on each status change.

To customize the email templates, follow the steps below:

  • Go to WooCommerce > Request a Quote > Settings > Emails.
  • From the “Email Settings”, you can edit and customize customer and admin notifications.
  • Enter Admin/Shop manager Email Address(es)
  • Configure email settings for each quote status. These quote statuses include:
    • Admin (New Quote)
    • Pending/New Quote
    • In Process
    • Accepted
    • Converted to Order(Admin)
    • Converted to Order(Customer)
    • Declined/Products not available
    • Canceled/Rejected
  • In each quote status, customize email structure as suited to your needs:
    • Enable/Disable Email: Checkmark to allow emails for this status
    • Subject of Email: Enter a custom subject of the email
    • Heading of Email: Enter a custom heading of the email
    • Additional Message: Customize email message to send for this quote status
  • Save the changes.