How to Customize Quotation Form?

Customizing the Quotation Form

Using the Request a Quote for WooCommerce, you can make the desired changes to the form customization options according to your requirements. To customize the quotation form, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to WooCommerce > Request a Quote > Quote Fields.
  • Click on “Add New Field” to create a custom quotation form.
  • Add a “Title” of the field that will appear on all quote pages.
  • Next, enter details to specify “Field Values” from the following options:
    • Enter a unique Field Name (name can not be changed once published)
    • Choose from 13 different Field Types
    • Add Field Options when you choose “Select,” “Multi Select,” and “Radio” as a field type
    • Add a Field Label that customers can see at the frontend
    • Select any Field Default Value against which the data will be stored
    • Add a custom text for additional description as Field PlaceHolder
  • In the “Field Attributes” section, enter:
    • Specify Field Order
    • Enable/disable the field
    • Mark the field as Mandatory or Optional

Click on “Publish” to create a customizable field in the quotation form.