How to Restrict Quotes Based on User Roles?

Restricting Quotes By User Roles

Request a Quote for WooCommerce allows you to display the quote button for specific user roles. Only the specified user roles can add products to the quote basket and ask for price estimations. For the rest of the user roles, the store will function normally.

  • Go to WooCommerce > Request a Quote > Quote Rules.
  • Click on “Add New Rule” to apply rule settings.
  • In the “Quote for User Roles” option, select the user roles that should be allowed to request quotes. This can be done by checking the corresponding checkboxes for the desired user roles.
  • Save the changes.

By following these steps, the Request a Quote plugin will restrict quote requests to the specified user roles. Only users with the selected roles will be able to request quotes, while users with other roles will not have access to the quote functionality.