About Smart Customer Manager for WooCommerce

Overview of Smart Customer Manager for WooCommerce

What does the plugin do

Smart Customer Manager for WooCommerce streamlines customer management within your WooCommerce store. Users can effortlessly view, filter, and analyze customer data in a comprehensive table format. Handle customer interactions with bulk actions and convert guest users to registered customers automatically. The plugin also facilitates bulk emailing, import/export functionality for customer data, and user role management, empowering users to tailor their WooCommerce experience with ease and precision.


Smart Customer Manager for WooCommerce offers a comprehensive set of features that empowers users to efficiently manage customer data, communicate effectively with customers, and customize user roles to meet the specific needs of their WooCommerce store.

  • View complete customer details in a table format
  • Filter customers based on various criteria:
    • Name
    • Date
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Total Spend
    • Total Orders
    • Country
    • State
    • Matching Search
    • User Role
    • Addify Registration Field
    • Multi Select
  • Perform bulk actions on selected customers
  • Easily switch user roles of desired customers in bulk 
  • Choose from a dropdown of user role options to switch roles with a single click
  • Send bulk emails to customers:
    • Specify subject and body of the email
    • Utilize placeholders for personalized messages
  • Import/export customer data in CSV files
  • Automatically switch guest users to registered customers upon completing a new order
  • Activate cron job setting for converting old guest orders to registered customers
  • Create new user roles and specify name and key for the user role
  • Choose capabilities type for the user roles:
    • Copy User Role Capabilities
    • Add Custom Capabilities

Customization Options

The plugin provides the option to:

  • Customize conversion settings:
    • Cron schedule (minute, hour, day, week, month)
    • Minimum spend required for conversion
    • Select order statuses for conversion
    • Specify minimum days left after last order for conversion
    • Choose specific countries for conversion
  • Define custom capabilities for the new user role