How to Manually Switch User Roles of Desired Customers?

Switching User Roles Manually 

To manually switch user roles for desired customers using Smart Customer Manager for WooCommerce:

Install and Activate the Plugin:

Begin by installing and activating the Smart Customer Manager for WooCommerce plugin. Once activated, you’ll unlock powerful tools to enhance your customer management experience.

Navigate to Customer Details:

Head over to your WordPress dashboard and access WooCommerce > Customer Manager > Customer Details. This is your command center for handling all customer-related tasks with precision.

Effortlessly Switch User Roles:

Within the Customer Details interface, you’ll find the functionality to seamlessly switch user roles for desired customers. Here’s how you can do it:

  • View All Customers: Gain a comprehensive overview of all your customers in one centralized location. This makes it convenient to identify specific individuals whose user roles you wish to modify.
  • Manual Role Conversion: Whether you’re making changes in bulk or one by one, the process is intuitive and straightforward. Simply select the desired customers from the list, and then navigate to the user role section.
  • Dropdown Selection: In the user role section, you’ll encounter a dropdown menu populated with various user role options. Choose the new role you wish to assign to the selected customers from this dropdown menu.
  • Single Click Conversion: With a single click, apply the selected user role to the chosen customers. This streamlined process eliminates unnecessary complexity, allowing you to efficiently manage user roles without any hassle.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly tailor user roles for desired customers, ensuring that each individual’s access privileges align with their unique needs and responsibilities. Smart Customer Manager for WooCommerce empowers you to maintain precise control over user roles, enhancing the functionality and security of your online store.