How to View Complete Customer Details in a Table?

Viewing the Complete Customer Details

To unlock the full potential of customer management within your WooCommerce store, you’ll first need to install and activate the Smart Customer Manager for WooCommerce plugin. Once activated, follow these steps to seamlessly view and manage customer details:

Navigate to Customer Details:

Visit your WordPress dashboard and head over to WooCommerce > Customer Manager > Customer Details. This is your central hub for accessing comprehensive insights into your customer base.

Filter Customers for Precision:

Click on “Add a Filter” to initiate the filtering process. Tailor your search based on various criteria such as name, date, phone number, email address, total spend, total orders, country, state, user role, or even specific registration fields added through additional plugins. This granular filtering capability empowers you to pinpoint specific segments of your customer base with ease.

Delve Into Customer Information:

Once you’ve applied your filters, the customer details are displayed in a user-friendly table format. 

Here, you can effortlessly access vital information such as customer ID, email address, and user roles. Dive deeper into each customer’s profile to uncover their contact details, billing information, and registration dates. 

Gain valuable insights into their purchasing behavior by exploring metrics like total number of orders and total amount spent. Additionally, view the complete order history for each customer, along with timestamps indicating the date of their first and last orders. 

Empower Bulk Actions:

Utilize the power of bulk actions to streamline customer management tasks. Select multiple customers from the table and perform actions in bulk, whether it’s deleting redundant entries or adding new users to your database. 

Switch User Roles:

Seamlessly switch user roles for desired customers directly from the customer details table. Whether you’re modifying roles in bulk or individually, the process is intuitive and hassle-free. Choose the desired roles from a dropdown menu and apply changes with a single click. 

By following these steps, you can harness the full potential of Smart Customer Manager for WooCommerce to gain valuable insights into your customer base and optimize your store’s performance.