How to Add Custom Fields in Woocommerce Checkout Page?

Adding Custom Fields in WooCommerce Checkout Page 

Adding custom fields to the WooCommerce checkout page can be useful for collecting additional information from your customers. 

Follow these steps to add custom checkout fields using the WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager plugin:

  • Navigate to your WP Admin Panel and go to the Checkout Fields section.
  • Click on the Add New Field button to create a new custom checkout field.
  • Start by giving your field a clear and descriptive Title

Field Details:

  • Set the Field’s Price, Type, and Tax options
  • Determine which Products, Categories, or Tags should have access to this field. This allows you to target specific items or groups of products.
  • Adjust the field details. Set the Field Label and Type from a selection of 19 different options.

Field Formatting:

  • Apply any desired Formatting to the field
  • Customize field access by enabling it for specific User Roles such as Author, Customer, or Guest
  • Finally, adjust the Field’s Position and Sorting Order 

By clicking “Publish” at the end, save all your changes.