How to Add Fee to Checkout Field in Woocommerce?

Adding Fee to Checkout Fields in WooCommerce 

You can collect additional fees for extra services by setting prices for your checkout fields. The price you define will be added to the order total on the checkout page. 

Here’s how to add a fee to the checkout fields using the WooCommerce Checkout Field Manager plugin:

  • Navigate to the WP admin Panel > WooCommerce > Checkout Fields Page.
  • Next, open the Field Settings page.
    • Click on Add New Field if you are adding a fee to a new field
    • If you want to set a price for an existing field, choose the field and click Edit
  • Go to the Field Pricing section, and enter the price information, such as price, price type, and whether it’s taxable.
  • Configure other settings as needed and click Publish to save your changes.