How to Add Multi-Level Complex Field Dependability in Checkout Fields?

Adding Multi-Level Complex Field Dependability in Checkout Fields

To implement multi-level complex field dependency in your checkout fields, follow these steps:

Navigate to WooCommerce > Checkout Fields > Add New Field > Field Dependency section.

Decide if the field should depend on other fields. You can choose either “Yes” or “No” based on your requirements.

If You Choose Yes:

  • Select Fields: Pick the fields for which you want to establish dependencies. This may include fields such as “Shipping,” “File Upload,” “Assembling,” and more. 
  • Enter Field Values: If your field’s dependency relies on specific values, enter them here. For instance, if you want the “Shipping” field to depend on the value “International” in another field, specify “Shipping” as the dependent field and “International” as the value.

If You Choose No:  

  • Checkout Position: Select from the available positions to determine where the field should appear on the checkout page:
  • Before Customer Details
  • Before Billing Form
  • After Billing Form
  • Before Shipping Form 
  • After Shipping Form
  • After Customer Details
  • Before Order Review Heading
  • Before Order Review 
  • After Order Review
  • Before Order Notes
  • After Order Notes
  •  Before Terms and Conditions
  • After Terms and Conditions
  • Before Order Submit
  • After Order Submit