How to Restrict Order Editing by User Role?

Restricting Order Editing by User Role

With the WooCommerce Edit Order by Customer plugin, you can also restrict order editing by User Roles. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to show the edit order button to selected user roles only:

Go to Edit Order by Customers > General Settings > Select User Roles

Mark the user roles to which you want to allow order editing. You can select from the following options: 

  •  Administrator
  •  Editor
  •  Author
  •  Contributor
  •  Subscriber
  •  Customer
  •  Shop manager
  •  Wholesale
  •  B2B
  •  Retailer

If you want to allow order editing to any specific user role, manually enter the user email in the ‘Select Specific User’ field 

Click on “Save Change” when you are done.