How to Enable Lightbox on Main Product Image with Custom Icon Colors?

Enabling Lightbox on Main Product Image 

Begin by installing and activating the WooCommerce Product Gallery & Image Zoom plugin. This tool will bring your product images to life with lightbox magic.

Navigate to WooCommerce > Product Gallery & Image Zoom > Main Image Option > Lightbox. Flip the switch to enable the lightbox feature on your main product image. 

Colorful Customization: You have the power to choose the background color of the icon and how it changes when hovered over. Make it pop with vibrant hues or keep it classy with subtle tones – it’s all up to you.

Icon Details: Size matters! Adjust the dimensions of your lightbox icon to fit seamlessly with your product images. You can also play around with the border radius to give it a unique shape.

Icon Placement: Where should your lightbox icon reside? Decide whether it belongs at the top left, top right, bottom left, or bottom right of your product image. Find the perfect spot to catch your customers’ attention.

Overlay Color: Choose a color that complements your brand and enhances the viewing experience.

Once you’ve tailored your lightbox settings to perfection, hit that “Save Settings” button. Your product images are now equipped with a captivating lightbox feature that’s sure to dazzle your customers.

With these modifications, your main product images will not only captivate attention but also provide an immersive viewing experience that keeps customers coming back for more.