About WooCommerce Product Image Manager

Overview of WooCommerce Product Image Manager

What does the plugin do

WooCommerce Product Image Manager simplifies image management for your entire product catalog. Customize thumbnails and organize images with a frag and drop functionality. Filter images by product type, category, stock status, and tags for efficient catalog management. Moreover, you can configure image size and product display preferences. 


WooCommerce Product Image Manager plugin provides features that boost productivity while maintaining performance considerations for optimal store performance:

  • Manage images for your entire product catalog from one place.
  • Rearrange images within your product catalog using a simple drag and drop interface
  • Choose custom images to serve as thumbnails for your products
  • Filter images based on various criteria:
    • Product Name
    • Product Type:
      • Simple Product
      • Grouped Product
      • External/Affiliate Product
      • Variable Product
    • Product Category
    • Stock Status:
      • In Stock
      • Out of Stock
      • On Backorder
    • Product Tags
  • Automatically set the first gallery image as the thumbnail image
  • Auto-set thumbnails for all products with the click of a button

Customization Options

Using the plugin, you can:

  • Set image size in pixels
  • Define the number of products to display per page