Setting Up WooCommerce Product Image Manager

Configuration of WooCommerce Product Image Manager 

Managing Images for Product Catalog Globally

Go to WooCommerce > Addify Product Image Manager.

Centralized Image Management: Instead of dealing with individual product pages, you can manage all your product images from one place. 

Drag and Drop Functionality: With a simple drag and drop interface, you can rearrange images within your product catalog.

Custom Thumbnails: You have the ability to choose custom images for thumbnails. 

Filtering Options: You can filter images based on:

  • Product Name: Search for images associated with a particular product by typing in its name.
  • Product Type: Filter images by the type of product, whether it’s a:
    • Simple Product
    • Grouped Product
    • External/Affiliate Product
    • Variable Product
  • Product Category: Narrow down images by the categories they belong to.
  • Stock Status: Filter images based on the availability of the associated products, whether they’re:
    • In Stock
    • Out of Stock
    • On Backorder
  • Product Tags: Search for images tagged with specific keywords or labels.

Configuring Product Images in a Catalog

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Image Manager Settings.

General Settings: 

Set Size of Image in px: Define the size of your product images in pixels. It’s important to note that increasing the image size may impact the performance of the plugin.

Number of Products Per Page: Specify how many products you want to display per page within the image manager interface. Similar to image size, increasing the number of products per page might affect the plugin’s performance.

Set First Image as Thumbnail: Enabling this option will automatically designate the first image in your product gallery as the thumbnail image when viewing products in the admin area. 

Set Thumbnails of All Products: Set thumbnails for all products at once. By clicking a button, the plugin will automatically set the first gallery image as the thumbnail image for every product in your catalog.