About WooCommerce Terms & Conditions Checkbox

Overview of WooCommerce Terms & Conditions Checkbox 

What does the plugin do

WooCommerce Terms and Conditions Checkbox plugin allows a terms and conditions checkbox in your store. It enables customization of checkbox placement on crucial pages like product, cart, and checkout. This plugin supports multiple custom text entries, each with unique titles and optional requirements. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to set a maximum character length for terms and conditions text.


The WooCommerce Terms and Conditions Checkbox plugin enables effortless implementation of terms and conditions agreements on your online store. Its features include:

  • Enable the terms and conditions checkbox on multiple pages of your store
  • Create and add unlimited terms and conditions to your store
  • Manage terms and conditions rules in a log
  • Choose to restrict terms and conditions on your store based on:
    • Products
    • Categories
    • Tags
    • Countries
    • User Roles
  • Display terms and conditions checkbox to multiple pages on your store:
    • Product Page
    • Cart Page
    • Checkout Page
  • Add multiple custom terms and conditions for each rule
  • Define character length for the terms & conditions checkbox

Customization Options

The plugin allows you to: 

  • Set a custom error message for each rule
  • Configure placement of the terms and conditions checkbox on these pages:
    • Product Page:
      • Before Add to Cart Button
      • After Add to Cart Button
      • Custom Hook
    • Cart Page:
      • Before Cart Table
      • After Cart Table
      • Custom Hook
    • Checkout Page:
      • Checkout Before Customer Details 
      • Checkout Billing
      • Checkout Shipping
      • Checkout Before Order Review Heading
      • Checkout Before Order Review
      • Checkout Order Review 
      • Custom Hook