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How Do I Set Up Advance Product Quantity In Woocommerce

How Do I Set Up Advance Product Quantity In Woocommerce

Do you want to make your store look awesome when someone visits it? Here is your time to change your store’s look and make it more impactful to the customers who visit to buy distinct stuff from your store. 

By setting advanced product quantity, you can make customers buy a bunch of awesome products with the right amount they actually need. This feature is quite important for the store owners to create and set up in your store as it increases sales and makes it an interactive shopping experience for the customers. 

This article explores step-by-step, easy ways to set an advanced product quantity in woocommerce. Create your store as best as it can be to impress the customer, which will help in boosting your online business. 

Setting Up Advance Product Quantity – 6 Steps 

You can easily manage the store by setting minimum/maximum restrictions on product and cart quantities. Quantities for products can be fixed, and it offers an interval-based quantity dropdown. You can also limit the quantities by user roles, plus display custom messages are displayed by applying restrictions.  

Following are the steps through which you can set an advance product quantity in WooCommerce. 

  1. Installation
  2. Configure Advance Product Quantity
  3. Set Up Product & Category Level Quantity
  4. Customize Rule Based Bulk Quantity
  5. Setting Up Of Cart Quantity 
  6. Configure Decimal Quantities

Now, we will explore each of the above steps, in detail, how to set advanced product quantity in WooCommerce. 

1.  Installation

To set up an advanced product quantity in WooCommerce, start with the installation process by downloading the file from the WooCommerce Account. Once you are done downloading, head over to plugins from WordPress Admin and upload the file you downloaded by clicking Add New. Now, you can simply install and activate the plugin in the WooCommerce store. 

2. Configuration of Advance Product Quantity

In the WooCommerce menu, you will be able to see the WooCommerce Advanced Product Quantity plugin once it is activated. You can create and add new rules from the product in the menu and control the quantity settings in two ways. One is going through the product section, and the second way is using rule-based management by navigating to product quantity from WooCommerce. 

You have the option to customize the setup by heading to advanced product quantity in the WooCommerce setting for cart quantities. If you opt to customize the option, then the configuration can also be done by general field settings.

3. Setting Up Product & Category Level Quantity

Setting Up Product & Category Level Quantity

Once you have reached the product edit page of the store, you can customize it by setting new rules from multiple options. Product & Category quantity can be restricted, and you can choose distinct quantity limitation types such as default, fixed, steps, and custom quantities. 

Advanced Product Quantity Plugin helps you to configure interval-based quantities steps. If you want to convert the field into a dropdown, then you have the option to select a checkbox; by choosing user roles, you can apply the restrictions for specific roles you want. 

4. Customization of Rule-Based Bulk Quantity

Customization of Rule-Based Bulk Quantity

For creating multiple new rules, navigate to product quantity from WooCommerce in the menu. It allows you to create and add various restrictions on quantities for distinct categories, products, and specific user roles in your store. 

The advanced product quantity plugin in WooCommerce allows you to customize rules according to your needs. You have the facility to personalize the title and priority of the rule, set limitations for different quantity types, display a dropdown menu, and permit restriction to all or selected products and categories. 

It also provides you the option to apply limitations on selected or specific user roles. Customized rule-based bulk quantity creates an impactful look on your store for visitors and helps in increasing the sale value. 

5. Setting Up Cart Quantity 

Setting Up Cart Quantity 

If you want to customize cart quantities in your store, it is quite easy. You have to head to settings from WooCommerce in the menu and opt for the advanced product quantity section. By clicking Advanced product quantity, navigate to cart quantities for editing and multiple customization features.

Once you have selected the cart option, you can personalize the quantity by applying minimum and maximum limitations on cart quantity and amount. You can integrate different quantity steps for your online store and restrict certain categories and products. The plugin allows you to show personalized labels and error messages on your store. 

6. Configuration of Decimal Quantities

From the WooCommerce menu bar, select settings and navigate to the configuration option by clicking advanced product quantity. Once you are on the configuration page, the decimal and display quantity fields can easily be enabled in the listing pages you want for your store. After enabling the quantity of decimal, you have to set the quantity for each product in your store manually. 

Setting the quantity of each product in the store is simple by editing the product and enabling quantity settings. You can insert min/max quantity by choosing the steps quantity option. Make it clear that the maximum quantity can easily be skipped if you don’t need it. For selling purposes, you can add decimal fractions for quantity steps as well. 

In an online store, it is very important to make it as clean and easy to use as possible because it helps you increase the customer interest in buying things easily from your store again and again. The multiple easy customization options on your store create an enhanced shopping experience for the visitor who comes at once but enjoys your store while buying because of their desired stuff. 

Final Words

In conclusion, the configuration of advanced product quantity in WooCommerce is an easy way to boost your online store. Whether it is a small business or large, one can easily enhance it by following the step-by-step complete guide in this article for your store. Through quantity setting, you can easily personalize your website. 

The advanced product quantity plugin allows you to configure limitations at product and category page levels, plus you can restrict the quantity of the cart as needed. It also provides multiple options to personalize the rule-based user roles, all or specific. 

Additionally, you can display a custom message; all these customization features will boost the customer shopping experience and build trust, which will make them feel safe while shopping from your store. This article provides a complete guideline on how you can set up advanced product quantities in your store and boost your online business with WooCommerce. 


Q: How do I change the quantity of a product in WooCommerce?

Changing the quantity in WooCommerce is easy; head to the product page and navigate to the quantity section. You can adjust the needed quantity number of a product for your store. 

Q: How do I limit product quantity to 1 in WooCommerce?

Limit product quantity by customizing max/min quantities in a plugin or by setting the product quantity as asked is the second method.

Q: How do I set the default quantity in WooCommerce?

To configure the default quantity for your store, you can use a default quantity plugin in woocommerce or modify quantities by heading to the WooCommerce product settings. 

Q: How do I force a minimum quantity in WooCommerce?

Use the Min/Max quantities plugin in woocommerce to force the minimum quantity in your store. Or set up minimum quantity requirements within the product settings to ensure customers cannot purchase below a specified quantity.


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