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How to Approve New User Registration In WooComerce Store

If you’re running a WooCommerce store and want to manage who signs up, this guide will show you an easy way to handle new user registrations without diving into complex coding. We understand that not everyone is tech-savvy, so we recommend a user-friendly plugin that streamlines the process in just a few clicks. Let’s explore why managing new user registrations is crucial for your WooCommerce store.

Importance of Approving New User Registrations:

Enabling user registration is key to building a loyal customer base, but it comes with challenges like spam and random sign-ups. These issues can lead to wasted resources and a lack of control over your user base. To address these concerns, we’ll walk you through a simple solution using the WooCommerce Approve New User Registration plugin.

Control New User Registrations in WooCommerce

This guide will walk you through the simple process of approving new user registrations without any hassle. Let’s dive in!

1. Adding WooCommerce Approve New User Registration

Installing the Plugin: 

  • Download the Approve New User Registration plugin from your WooCommerce account.
  • Navigate to WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.
  • Install and activate the plugin with a few clicks.

Activating and Configuring:

Once activated, find the “Approve New User Registration” section in the WP Admin Panel. Click to configure settings for managing new user registrations according to your preferences.

2. Enabling Manual Approval

Access General Settings: 

Access Approved new user Registration general setting
  • Go to your WP Admin Panel and find the “Approve New User Registration” section.

Customize Approval Process:

  • Enable/Disable Approval: Decide whether to enable or disable the approval process. If enabled, new users will be in a “Pending” status until an admin approves them.
  • Checkout Page Approval: Choose to automatically log in customers after ordering. Note: If they log out, they’ll need admin approval to regain access.
  • Exclude User Roles: Save time by excluding specific user roles from manual approval. Roles like Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber, Customer, Shop Manager, Wholesale, B2B, and Retailer can be excluded for automatic approval.

Save Your Changes:

  • Click “Save Changes” to apply your customized settings.

3. Personalize Registration Messages with Ease 

Tailoring messages for different registration stages enhances user experience.

Accessing Custom Message Settings:

Accessing Custom Message Settings:
  • Navigate to “Approve New User Registration.”
  • Click on “Custom Message Settings.”

Messages for Account Creation:

  • Messages for Account Creation: Customize the message users see after completing registration when manual approval is needed.
  • Messages for Pending Accounts: Define a message for users trying to log in when their account is pending admin approval.
  • Messages for Disapproved Accounts: Personalize a message for users whose accounts have been disapproved by the admin.

Saving Your Changes:

After tailoring these messages to your liking, click “Save Changes.” This ensures users receive the right messages at each stage of the registration process.

4. Streamline Email Notifications for User Registrations

Approve New User Registration email setting

Configuring Admin Email Notifications:

  • Enable Admin Notification: Choose to receive or skip notifications to the admin regarding pending user registrations.
  • Admin/Shop Manager Email Address: Provide the email address for admin notifications. If left empty, the default WordPress admin email will be used.
  • Customize Admin Notification: Tailor the subject line, heading, and content of the admin notification email. Utilize variables like {username}, {email}, {approve_link}, and {disapprove_link}.

User Email Notifications:

  • Enable User Notifications: Decide whether users should receive notifications about their registration status.
  • Customize Welcome/Pending User Notification: Personalize the subject, heading, and content of the email sent to users. Include helpful instructions using variables like {username}, {email}, {approve_link}, and {disapprove_link}.
  • Customize Approved User Notification: Choose to notify users once their registration is approved. Customize the subject, heading, and content for a warm welcome.
  • Customize Disapproved User Notification: Opt to notify users if their registration is disapproved. Customize the subject, heading, and content, including relevant disapproval information.

Saving Your Email Settings:

Click “Save Changes” to apply your configured email notification settings. This ensures users and admins receive the right emails based on their registration status.

4. Managing User Registration Requests

The Approve New User Registration for WooCommerce plugin simplifies the process of approving and disapproving user registration requests. 

Accessing User Registration Requests:

  • Navigate to “Users” and select “All Users.”
  • Filtering Pending Requests: 
    • Set the filter to “pending” to focus on the most recent registration requests.
    • Click the “Search User” button to view pending requests.

Bulk Actions for Management:

Here are the key actions available for efficient management:

  • Delete: Remove selected registration requests with this option.
  • Send Password Reset: Trigger a password reset for chosen users.
  • User Approve: Grant approval for user registrations, welcoming them to your community.
  • User Disapprove: Decline user registration requests if needed.

By utilizing these bulk actions, you can seamlessly handle user registration requests and maintain control over your WooCommerce store.


Managing new user registrations is vital for a smooth WooCommerce experience. With the Approve New User Registration for WooCommerce plugin, you can take charge without dealing with complicated code. Simplify the process and ensure a hassle-free registration system for your store.


Q1. Can I manually approve new user registrations in WooCommerce?

Ans. Yes, you can opt for manual approval of new user registration requests using the WooCommerce Approve New User Registration plugin.

Q2. How do I approve new user registration in WooCommerce?

Ans. To approve new user registrations in WooCommerce:

  1. Install the WordPress & WooCommerce Approve New User Registration Plugin.
  2. Go to WooCommerce > Approve New User Registration.
  3. Navigate to the General Settings tab.
  4. Enable the “Approve New User” option.
  5. Select the user roles that require manual approval.

Q3. What does new user registration on your site mean?

Ans. New user registration on your site enables individuals to sign up, access exclusive content, and personalize their experience through customized profile pages.

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