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How to Create Gift Cards in WooCommerce – 2024

Gift cards have become a popular choice for versatile gifting, and with WooCommerce, creating them is a breeze. The Gift Card for WooCommerce plugin simplifies the process, allowing you to craft unique gift cards for your products. From setting values to applying discounts and adding custom images, this guide will walk you through the steps to create the perfect gift card for your customers.

1. Creating a New Gift Card Using WooCommerce Gift Card Plugin

Gift Card for WooCommerce simplifies the process of creating diverse gift cards with varying values and unique features. Whether you want to provide discounts or offer a range of templates, this ultimate gift cards for WooCommerce plugin allows you to enhance your customer’s shopping experience. 

Here’s a detailed guide on how to create a new gift card for your products:

a. Installation and Activation

Go to the Addify store and install and activate the “Gift Card for WooCommerce” plugin. After the activation is complete, go to WooCommerce to configure the settings.

b. Adding a Gift Card

Below are the steps you can follow to add a new gift card to your store:

  • Navigate to All Products: 
    • Click on Products > All Products to start the gift card creation process
  • General Settings: 
    • Click “Add New” to create a custom product and add a gift card
    • Fill in product data and select “Gift card” from the drop-down menu
  • Gift Card Options:
  • Choose the type of gift card (physical or virtual e-gift card)
  • Enter the gift card value (the amount for coupon generation)
  • Allow customers to upload a custom image for virtual gift cards
  • Enter a custom button label

Next, add a custom amount or set discount type:

  • Custom Amount:
    • Enable custom amount to let customers enter their desired gift card value
    • Set minimum and maximum amount limits
Offering Discounts on Gift Cards using woocommerce gift card
  • None: No discount
  • Fixed: Set a fixed amount of discount
  • Percentage: Provide a percentage discount
  • Coupon Expiry Date:
    • Add an expiry date for the gift card coupon
Restricting Gift Card Usage by User Roles
  • Gift Card Discount Applicable To:
    • Choose products or categories where the gift card discount applies

Note: If the custom amount is disabled, discounts are applicable.

2. Creating a New Gift Card Gallery 

To enhance the visual appeal and variety of your gift card offerings, you can create a new gift card gallery in WooCommerce. Follow these steps to set up a captivating display for your customers:

a. Navigate to the Gift Card Gallery: 

Access the Gift Card Gallery feature by going to “Products” and selecting “Gift Card Gallery.” This is where you’ll initiate the process of creating a visually appealing collection of gift cards.

 b. Configure Gallery Options:

 Provide the necessary details to customize your new gallery and add the following:

  • Name: Add a descriptive name for the gallery
  • Slug: Create a URL-friendly version of the name
  • Parent Gallery: Choose a parent gallery from the provided list.
  • Add a Description: Enhance the user experience by adding a description 
  • Upload Images: Personalize the gallery by adding images 

c. Create Gallery:

Once you’ve configured all the necessary options and uploaded images, click “Add New Gallery” to finalize the creation process. This action ensures that your new gift card gallery is now live on your site and ready for customers to explore.

Note: After creating a gallery, you retain the flexibility to make changes as needed. This allows you to adapt the gallery over time, adding new images, updating descriptions, or modifying other details to keep your offerings fresh and aligned with customer preferences.

3. Customizing the Gift Card

With the gift card WooCommerce plugin, you have the flexibility to tailor your gift cards according to your brand and customer preferences. Here’s a step-by-step guide on customizing different aspects of your gift cards:

  • Default Theme
  • Virtual Gift Card
  • Physical Gift Card
  • PDF

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Gift Card to access the customization options.

a. Customizing the Default Theme

Adjust the appearance of your gift cards by modifying the following:

  • Background Color
  • Border Color
  • Text Color
  • Background Hover Color
  • Border Hover Color
  • Text Hover Color

Set a coupon prefix for easy identification.

Use shortcodes to display the gift card anywhere in your store.

b. Adjusting the Virtual Gift Card

The following steps help in customizing the visual gift cards: 

Gift Card Gallery:

  • Enable the gift card gallery to add an extra layer of customization.
  • Set a custom title for the gallery to enhance the visual appeal.

Delivery Section:

Customize delivery settings with the following options:

  • Title: Enter a title for this section.
  • “Email” Checkbox Label: Specify a label for the email checkbox.
  • “Print At Home” Checkbox Label: Define a label for the print at home checkbox.

Recipient Section:

  • Set a title for this section.
  • Enable another recipient option if needed, with the ability to provide a custom title for this option.

Sender Section:

  • Enable the sender name option.
  • Enter a title for this section to personalize the sender details.

c. Enabling the Physical Gift Card

You can utilize the following settings to use physical gift cards on your store: 

  • Enable the checkbox to ask for sender and recipient names.
  • Enter a custom title for this section to guide customers in providing names.
  • Allow customers to add a personal touch by enabling the option to include a printed message on the gift card.

d. Downloading the Gift Card as a PDF

Customize the appearance of the downloadable PDF by choosing to include the following:

  • Store Name: Enable to add the store name.
  • Store Logo: Include the store logo for branding.
  • Gift Card Image: Display the gift card image on the PDF.
  • Gift Card Name: Show the gift card name.
  • Gift Card Price: Display the gift card price.
  • Coupon Code: Include the gift card code.
  • Gift Card Message: Add the gift card message.
  • Disclaimer: Include a disclaimer for additional information.

4. Managing Gift Cards in a Dashboard

Managing Gift Cards in a Dashboard

In addition to the customization features, the Gift Card for WooCommerce plugin offers a convenient dashboard for the efficient management of gift cards. Here’s how you can navigate through the dashboard:

a. Viewing Gift Card Logs

Access the Gift Card Logs by going to WooCommerce > Gift Card > Gift Card Log. In this section, you can observe a comprehensive list of gift cards that customers have purchased.

b. Dashboard Overview

Head to WooCommerce > Gift Cards > Dashboard to get an overall view of your gift card system. This centralized dashboard provides detailed information on various aspects.

c. Dashboard Insights

Within the dashboard, you can easily gain the following key metrics:

  • Total Gift Cards: Quickly identify the overall number of gift cards issued.
  • Used Amount: Track the total amount that customers have utilized from the gift cards.
  • Remaining Amount: Monitor the balance left on unredeemed gift cards.
  • Total Amount: View the cumulative value of all gift cards in circulation.

By accessing the dashboard, you gain a holistic understanding of your gift card ecosystem. This information is vital for making informed decisions about your marketing strategies, stock levels, and customer engagement initiatives.


Creating gift cards for your WooCommerce store has never been more accessible. The Gift card WooCommerce plugin empowers you to offer personalized gifting experiences to your customers. 

From selecting card types to applying discounts, the flexibility provided ensures a seamless process. Enhance your online store by incorporating this feature, and watch as satisfied customers enjoy the convenience of unique and thoughtful gift cards.

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