How To Find FTP Credentials In WordPress

Having access to your File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server is essential to make adjustments in code, uploading themes, and other files. The extensions and theme developers sometimes need access to your staging FTP account in order to troubleshoot and resolve the conflicts. FTP services are administered by the hosting company and have nothing to do with WordPress. If you don’t know your FTP username and password, or if you haven’t set one up yet, you’ll have to do so using your web host’s management panel.

Step 1

Use the login and password supplied by your web host to access the administrative area of your website. This will take you to the admin panel. The most prevalent control panel is CPanel, however, your web host’s control panel may be different. 

Step 2

Look for and click the “FTP Accounts” link. This may be found under the Files menu in CPanel. This opens the FTP Accounts page.

Step 3

Examine the list of FTP accounts that have previously been set up for your website. In CPanel, this at the bottom of the page. The usernames are visible, but the passwords are not. If you already have an FTP account but have forgotten your password, you may update it by clicking the “Change Password” button.

Step 4 

If you don’t already have one, create a new FTP account. Type a username in the “Login” text field in CPanel.

Step 5 

In the first “Password” text area, type a password. Use a password that is at least eight characters long and contains upper and lower case letters, digits, and symbols for maximum security. In CPanel, a password strength indicator tells you if your password is weak or strong. In the second “Password” text area, retype the password.

Step 6 

The directory should be left in its normal root location. If you’re making an FTP account for someone else, you might want to keep it limited to your WordPress installation. This stops the account from accessing any of your website’s other folders.

Step 7 

Leave the Quota field at its default value of “Unlimited.” You may wish to limit the file sizes that someone else may upload if you’re creating an account for them.

Select “Create” from the drop-down menu. Using the username and password you have generated, you may now log onto your FTP server.

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