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How to set WooCommerce Quantity Based Pricing? Best Guide For 2024

Do you want to set the product prices according to the quantity on your website? Do not worry, this article will show you in detail how you can set quantity-based pricing on your website in WooCommerce. Everyone knows product pricing is one of the most important parts for any business or store or even for a person. 

Customers need some reward while shopping, so the best thing you can provide them is setting the product price and quantity. There are some plugins we will be discussing below through which you can set the prices easily. There is one other option to which you can configure the pricing; you can go through with both methods and set up your store efficiently. 

A Complete Setup Of WooCommerce Quantity-Based Pricing

Setting quantity pricing is a simple process. It is just one click away from WooCommerce. You have to enable a few options from the WooCommerce plugin settings, which will help you set the product price based on the quantity in your store. You can also set quantity-based pricing with a coding method and three different plugins.  

Here are the options to set product prices based on quantity in WooCommerce: 

Setting product prices based on quantity is a quite simple process without any technical expert needed. Still, suppose you will opt for a custom code for setting prices in WooCommerce. In that case, it will be tricky as it will require a technical expert. 

Following are the plugins through which you can configure Quantity Based Pricing in WoCommerce: 

  • WooCommerce Role Based Pricing Plugin by Addify
  • WooCommerce B2B Plugin by Addify
  • WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing Plugin 

Now, let’s go through the functionality of each plugin in detail

1. WooCommerce Role-Based Pricing Plugin by Addify

If you are a regular shopper or a wholesaler, the WooCommerce Role Based Pricing plugin lets you easily set prices for different kinds of customers. Using this plugin, you can set discounts and add extra charges according to your product needs. You can choose to display specific customers to see special prices or discounts set. 

There are also some points where you do not want to showcase the prices, so from this plugin, simply hide the prices and add-to-cart buttons for certain types of users. These customized features help you to set the prices based on quantity to fit various customer needs and help you enhance the overall store. 


  • Allows for five pricing modification
  • Configure pricing data worldwide or on the product level
  • Use CSV file to import/export product-level pricing.
  • Set redirections and conceal price/ add-to-cart button.
  • Integrate maximum/ minimum quantity limits

2. WooCommerce B2B Plugin by Addify

B2B For WooCommerce is the ultimate solution for both customers and businesses. You do not have to search and install multiple plugins for different features to add to your store; all you have to do is choose a B2B plugin. 

It consists of five different plugins with customized features that provide product visibility, tax-exempt status, shipping and payment, role-based pricing, B2B registrations, and the ability to request a quote. All these features can be obtained in one plugin with an affordable package. You can effortlessly conceal the products and modify prices based on who is shopping in the store. 

Using this plugin, you can set prices for products to buy in bulk, handle the quote system smoothly, and manage taxes that will not create a hassle for the store and be the reason for customers leaving. The B2B for WooCommerce plugin permits you to set order limits for efficient transactions and make the shipping/payment process easy. 


  • Personalize B2B registration forms for distinct users
  • Conceal products/categories for specific users
  • Adjust & hide prices based on user roles
  • Set discounts for bulk purchases.
  • Customize & manage quotes on your site
  • Manage tax exemption & display prices with or without tax
  • Simplify payment and shipping options
  • Set limits on orders for each role

3. WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing Plugin by Addify

Using the WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin, you have the flexibility to place all wholesale and regular products in one section on your website. Setting products in one place helps you to sell products to both businesses and individual customers without any difficulty. 

This plugin provides the option to configure pricing rules for various users and quantities of products, display a pricing table for bulk purchases, conceal prices for specific users you don’t want them to see, and manage rules with multiple customization features. With these customized options, you can create a smooth shopping experience for customers and cater to their needs and requirements. 


  • Manage rules for specific users and customers
  • Display a tiered pricing table on the product page
  • Modify pricing with five distinct adjustment modes
  • Conceal prices & add-to-cart button for specific products/categories

Method 2: Set Product Prices Using A Custom Code

Setting product prices based on quantity in the stores for customers using a custom code becomes a bit tricky as compared to the plugin process. But using a custom code, it is also possible to set product prices in your store. 

Following is the code that will work for your store to restrict payment methods.

// Apply quantity based pricing

add_filter(‘woocommerce_product_get_price’, ‘custom_discount_for_contributors’, 10, 2);

function custom_discount_for_contributors($price, $product) {
// Calculate the discounted price (10% off)
$discounted_price = $price * 0.9; // 10% discount

// Round to two decimal places
$price = round($discounted_price, 2);

return $price; // Return original price if not a contributor

To increase sales and customer experience, setting the product prices based on quantity is one the most important parts for any website owner. You can go through plugins like WooCommerce Role Based Pricing, B2B Plugin, or Wholesale Pricing Plugin by Addify, or you can use the second custom code method. 

From these options, you can effortlessly modify the prices, offer various discounts for bulk purchasing, conceal prices and add-to-cart buttons, display pricing tables, and much more. The customized options will help you build a top-notch website for businesses of all sizes that cater to customer needs and requirements.  

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