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How to Add Image Captcha On WooCommerce Store?

Safeguarding your WordPress site against potential threats is paramount. With cyber threats on the rise, it’s crucial to fortify your WordPress site against malicious activities. One effective way to enhance security is by adding Image Captcha to your WordPress platform. 

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of integrating Image Captcha into your WordPress website, ensuring protection against spam and unauthorized access.

Let’s get started!

What is Image Captcha for WordPress

Image Captcha for WordPress is a tool that helps keep your WordPress site secure by stopping automated bots from accessing your site without permission. If someone enters the wrong captcha, the plugin shows error messages to let them know.

Using the plugin, you can hide the captcha for logged-in users, turn off the image captcha for specific countries, and add multiple custom icons using FontAwesome 4.

Integrating Image Captcha for WooCommerce Plugin

Step 1: Getting Started with Installation and Activation Guide

Installing the Plugin:

  • Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account.
  • Go to WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New.
  • Upload the plugin file, then click Install and Activate.

Configuring the Plugin: 

After activation, access “Image Captcha for WordPress” in the WordPress Admin panel. Customize and add image captchas to your site.

Step 2: Adding Image Captcha on Your WooCommerce Store

Image Captcha for wordpress General setting

To add and customize the appearance of the Image Captcha on your WooCommerce store, head to the WP Admin Panel and, navigate to Image Captcha for WordPress, then select General Settings. From there:

  • You can set the title of the Captcha field to whatever suits your site best. This is the text that will appear alongside the Captcha.
  • Adjust the size of the Captcha icon by entering a numerical value in pixels. This ensures it fits seamlessly with your website’s design.
  • Choose the primary color of the Captcha icon to match your site’s color scheme. This helps maintain visual consistency.
  • Define the color the Captcha icon should change to when selected. This gives users a visual cue that they’ve interacted with the Captcha.
  • If needed, disable Image Captcha for specific countries. Note that WooCommerce must be installed for this feature to work.
  • Control access to the Image Captcha based on IP addresses. You can enter the IP addresses you wish to allow, restricting access as needed.
  • Hide the Image Captcha for logged-in users if you prefer. This streamlines the user experience for those who are already authenticated on your site.

These settings allow you to tailor the Image Captcha to your website’s design and preferences while also providing flexibility in terms of accessibility and user experience.

Step 3: Enhancing User Feedback with Custom Error Messages

Customize error message

You can customize error messages on your WordPress site to improve user experience with Image Captcha. These messages are crucial for providing clear guidance to users encountering issues with the Captcha.

Navigate to the WP Admin Panel and access Image Captcha for WordPress. From there, select Error Message.

  • Customize the error message displayed when no Captcha is selected. This message should clearly inform users that they need to complete the Captcha to proceed.
  • You can also personalize the error message shown when the selected Captcha is incorrect. This message should guide users on how to retry with the correct Captcha input.

Step 4: Customizing Image Captcha Display

Ultimate captcha display setting

To tailor where Image Captcha appears on your WordPress site, you can configure its display settings. This allows you to specify the forms and pages where you want to use Image Captcha for enhanced security.

Navigate to the WP Admin Panel and access Image Captcha for WordPress, then select Display Setting.

  • Enable Image Captcha on WordPress by choosing the areas where you want to utilize it. You have the option to enable it for the:
    • Login Form
    • Registration Form
    • Reset Password Form
    • Comment Form
  • Enable Image Captcha on WooCommerce by selecting the areas within your WooCommerce store where you wish to use it. This includes options like the:
    • Login Form
    • Registration Form
    • Reset Password Form
    • Checkout Page
  • Specify the Captcha’s position on the Checkout Page by selecting from various options such as:
    • Before Place Order Button
    • After Checkout Form
    • Checkout Order Review
    • After Place Order Button
  • Additionally, you can enable Image Captcha on Contact Form 7 by checking the corresponding box, providing an added layer of security for your contact forms.

Step 5: Adding Your Own Icons

You can also add custom icon in Image Captcha for wordpress

If you want to personalize your Image Captcha, you can upload your own custom icons. These icons should be in the FontAwesome 4 format, and you need to upload at least three of them for variety.

Access the WP Admin Panel and navigate to Image Captcha for WordPress, then select Upload Icons.

Upload your custom icons, ensuring they are in the correct FontAwesome 4 format for compatibility.

For each uploaded icon, specify the Icon Class and Icon Name to indicate how they should be utilized within the Captcha.


In today’s world, where online dangers are everywhere, adding Image Captcha to your WordPress site can be a strong defense against spammers trying to cause trouble. By following the steps in this guide, you can make your website safer and make users feel more confident. Remember, taking action now to protect your site can help prevent problems later on, making the internet a safer place for you and your visitors. So, don’t wait—start using Image Captcha to protect your WordPress site from online threats today!


Q1. What is Image Captcha?

Ans. Image Captcha is a security feature that requires users to identify and interact with images to prove they are human and not bots.

Q2. Why is Image Captcha important for WordPress?

Ans. Image Captcha adds an extra layer of security to WordPress websites, reducing the risk of spam, bots, and unauthorized access.

Q3. Can Image Captcha be integrated with WooCommerce?

Ans. Yes, Image Captcha can be seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce to enhance security for online stores.

Q4. Is Image Captcha easy to configure?

Ans. Yes, the Image Captcha plugin for WooCommerce offers user-friendly interfaces, making configuration a straightforward process.

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