Import Magento 1 Tax Rates into Magento 2

This is perhaps amongst the most important tutorial yet, but definitely not the trickiest. Obviously you have spent so much time and effort in a tax setup with Magento 1 and if you have finally got around to considering the switch to Magento 2, no need to dread migration. With this step-by step use Magento 2’s import feature, to avoid manually configuring your existing tax setup.

Step 1: Export from Magento 1

From the Magento 1 Admin panel, visit Sales > Tax > Import / Export Tax Rates

This will generate and directly download a CSV file. It is important to make note, this file will include each and every Zone and Rate, however, not your Tax Rules.

Step 2: Import into Magento 2

From the Magento 2 Admin panel, go to Stores > Taxes > Tax Rules

Produce or edit a rule and select the file downloaded in the step above. Then import.

Now there are some differences that may cause errors. They won’t be imported until you rectify such discrepancies in the CSV file.

Other than that, you’re all set.

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