Addify Multi-Currency Switcher

Addify Multi-Currency Switcher

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Eliminate geographical barriers and expand your reach globally with a multi-currency system that allows users to pay in their local currency. The Addify Multi-Currency Switcher auto-converts currencies based on API & geolocation. Add multiple currencies, adjust exchange rates automatically or manually, and customize coupons for various regions. You can also choose shipping methods for different zones as needed. 

Key Features

  • Automatically or manually switch between different currencies
  • Apply currency exchange rates automatically through API
  • Add multiple currency options and display currency widgets on the site
  • Customize product prices and coupons for various currencies 
  • Choose desired shipping methods for various shipping zone

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Features of Addify Multi-Currency Switcher

Go Global By Accepting Payments in Different Currencies

Online selling offers the advantage of easily accessing customers worldwide, but it requires you to display prices in native currencies for each user. This effort-intensive work becomes super smooth with the Addify Multi-Currency Switcher. Using geolocation, you can manage an international audience. Add as many currencies as you like, adjust product prices for different regions, and customize coupon amount in each currency. Expand your reach with a simple plugin that takes you across the globe within minutes. 


Adjust the Exchange Rate Manually Or Automatically

Display product prices in native currencies with the Auto Currency Switcher WooCommerce plugin that automatically detects user location using Geolocation. To auto-fetch currency exchange rates in real-time, the plugin uses API, saving you from the trouble of manual effort. Convert currencies by choosing from the following API options: 

  • Exchange Rates Data API
  • Currency Data API
  • Fixed API

You can insert an API Key and choose to update exchange rates hourly or daily. You can also manually convert currencies without using the API.

Add Multiple Currencies From Different Regions

Using the WooCommerce Multi Currency plugin, you can add an unlimited array of currencies to cater to customers worldwide. Either import and export currencies in bulk from a CSV file or adjust the following options:

  • Select currency and add a custom label 
  • Choose between Manual or Auto Currency Rate
  • Enter exchange rate and commission
  • Choose countries to auto-switch to the selected currency

Hide Payment Gateways For Specific Currencies

The popularity and availability of payment gateways vary from country to country. In some regions certain payment options are either banned or not mainstream. Understanding these limitations and your preferences, you can restrict payment gateways for users paying in defined currencies. 

For example, you can restrict customers to paying through credit cards only, if their currency is USD, or you can limit PayPal payments for users paying in PKR.

Add Multi-Currency Widgets Anywhere on Your Site

Choose to display multiple currencies to your users by showcasing currency widgets on their screens. With the Currency Switcher for WordPress/WooCommerce, insert a shortcode and display the widgets in the header, footer, or anywhere else you like. 

Additionally, you can show sticky currency widgets and limit the number of widgets displayed to the user. You can also show flags with the sticky widgets at desired locations. 

The widgets can be fully customized, and you can adjust the text and color schemes as you like. To make payments simpler for users, you can show a currency converter in the navigation menu and insert basic fields to show in the switcher after the site loads.

Adjust Product Prices in Every Currency (Manually or Automatically)

You can add different prices for each product in different currencies to cater to a diverse audience. Utilize the WooCommerce Currency based on Country to add desired regular and sale prices in different currencies. The prices can be added manually, or you can update them automatically through the API. 

The settings apply to different types of products on your store (simple, variable, downloadable, etc). For variable products, you can adjust the prices for each variant separately. Note that the product prices can be set both manually or automatically.

Customize Coupons For Your Global Audience

Create custom promotions for every currency by manually configuring the coupon amount. With the Currency Switcher for WooCommerce plugin, manually add the desired amount for each currency & set the min and maximum amount limit for a customer to qualify for a coupon.

Choose Shipping Methods for Desired Zones

For different shipping zones, you can choose to offer either a flat shipping rate (fixed) or offer free shipping based on the user’s currency. With the Currency Switcher plugin for WooCommerce, adjust flat shipping rates, & enter the fixed amount to charge on shipping. Select a minimum order amount in each currency for flat shipping to be applicable. If you choose the Free Shipping option, you can add the minimum order amount for each currency. When an order meets or exceeds the minimum amount, that user will receive free shipping.

Technical Compatibility

  • Version 1.0.0 View changelog
  • WordPress Version Required4.0.0 or Higher
  • WooCommerce Version Required3.5.0 or higher
  • Multi-Site SupportYes
  • LanguagesEnglish
  • WPML CompatibilityWPML Supported
  • TranslatableYes, Translation Ready
  • CountriesWorldwide

Complete Features List

  • Automatically or manually switch between different currencies
  • Choose from multiple currency exchange rate API settings:
    • Exchange Rates Data API 
    • Fixed API
    • Currency Data API
  • Add multiple currency options and currency widgets
  • Customize product prices and coupons for various currencies 
  • Add API Key & automatically update exchange rates: 
    • Hourly
    • Daily 
  • Show sticky currency widget
  • Limit the number of currencies to be displayed
  • Show flags on the following positions in the sticky widget:
    • Left
    • Right
    • None
  • Choose widget position as you like
  • Add widget text and choose colors for the following: 
    • Active selection
    • Background 
    • Border 
  • For flat-rate shipping, choose a shipping cost
  • Add min order amount in each currency for flat shipping
  • For free shipping, add a min order amount in each currency
  • Add currency widget through shortcode 
  • Show currency converter to a user in navigation menu
  • Add basic fields to show in the switcher after page loading
  • Add new currencies and adjust the following:
    • Flag image
    • Label 
    • Currency
    • Currency rate: Manual or Auto 
    • Exchange rate 
    • Commission amount
    • Countries
  • Hide a payment gateway for a selected currency
  • Import and export various currencies from CSV files
  • Insert prices for each product in different currencies: 
    • Choose currency
    • Add regular price
    • Add sale price 
  • Customize coupon amounts for various currencies:
    • Choose a currency
    • Add coupon amount
    • Add min and max amount to apply coupon
  • Choose the shipping method for each zone:
    • Flat rate
    • Free shipping

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