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Catalog visibility for Shopify is easy to use, and it permits you to control store visibility by providing you with multiple customization options. Restrict store visibility by hiding products & adding password protection. The extension allows you to customize error messages, redirect users, & limit access to specific products for customers by using a password. 

Key Features

  • Conceal products or integrate password protection
  • Restrict specific products and categories
  • Hide product visibility based on customer tags, customer & guest users

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Detailed Features of Catalog Visibility For Shopify

Customize Rule Title, Priority, & Status

Catalog visibility for Shopify enables you to specify the title of the rule and set its priority. Additionally, you have the facility to manage the rule status; once you personalize the rule, it gives you the option to mark the status as active or draft.

Configure Rule Selection Type

You are allowed to personalize selection types for the rules setting. The following are the two types mentioned.

  • User Selection Type
  • Product Selection type

User selection type

The extension provides you the option to choose a user selection for the rule you are creating. Either select all or choose the specific user. Opting for specific users will allow you to see more options to select, like:

  • User Tags
  • Users by Email

While choosing tags for the rule, make sure only to select 50 items per rule. 

Products selection type

Personalizing rules setting enables you to choose a product selection type for the rule. You can choose from the options below. 

  • Hide all products
  • Hide specific products
  • Hide all, excluding selected products

Restricting specific products or all, excluding selected products, will make you choose products and product collections individually. 

Restrict Mode, Type, & Message For Customers

Using catalog visibility extension, you have the flexibility to conceal the rule mode, type, and message according to your preference. Restricting mode includes hiding the entire products of the page & choosing to integrate password protection that helps to access the product needed with a password.

The plugin provides a message and URL restriction type for the rule; you can display a personalized error message or redirect customers to the desired page by entering a redirect URL.

Manage the Visibility on the Listing Page

Manage the store visibility on the listing page with various appearance possibilities from the rule; the following are the options you can choose from:

  • Product Visibility
  • Price
  • Product Title

The extension allows you to customize these options according to your preference.

Product Visibility

There are four options for presenting products on the listing page in your store;

  • Keep Visible
  • Remove products
  • Blur image of product
  • Replace the product image with a custom image

On the listing page, use a product image with a custom image of your choice or showcase a blurred image of the products. Opting for different actions to display on the listing page totally depends on your business demands.

Product Price & Title

Catalog Visibility For Shopify extension helps you to replace the product price and title with a personalized text of your choice. Additionally, it also gives you the facility to conceal the price and title if you want.

Complete Features List

  • Display error message or redirect customers to a specific page by URL
  • Substitute the listing appearance with a custom image or blur the product image
  • Enter the rule title and set its priority
  • Choose all or specific user & product selection type
  • Restrict all or specific products, excluding selected
  • Hide the price & title of the product on the listing page
  • Enter cookie duration in hours
  • Select tags or choose a user by email


How do I set product visibility in Shopify?

To set product visibility in Shopify, you have to log in and head to the products section from Shopify admin. You can check or uncheck the online store to display or conceal any product from the website by navigating to the visibility section.

How do I organize my Shopify catalog?

Organizing Shopify catalog is quite simple; head to collections bar of products from Shopify admin and select to create a product collection. Down you have the option to save the collection you have integrated. Easily arrange and manage the products once the collection is generated.

How do I get my product to show up on Shopify?

Head to the product section from Shopify application and navigate to All products. You have the ability to click and enter the title of any product you want to show up on Shopify from the product screen section and add additional details required. In the end save changes by clicking on the save option.

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