Custom Fields for WooCommerce

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Custom Fields for WooCommerce is a useful plugin to add unlimited custom fields to the My Account, Registration, and Checkout pages. The plugin supports 19 field types and keeps your registration and checkout form clear and simple. 


  • Add unlimited custom fields to Registration form and Checkout page
  • Choose from 19 field types, including dropdown, checkbox, multi-select, and more
  • Supports a dedicated VAT field with validation
  • Add conditional/dependent custom fields
  • Display fields based on user roles
  • Add fields on Checkout page using 15 predefined positions
  • Display field data on the My Account, Order Details pages, and order emails
  • Make fields uneditable from the My Account page
  • Make fields optional or mandatory
  • Add custom CSS, customize field description and placeholders
  • Sort fields as needed
  • Allow selected default billing fields on the Registration form 
  • Personalize the labels of default billing and shipping fields
  • Show/hide custom or default billing and shipping fields for user roles including guest users
  • Supports B2B registration
  • Customize account validation messages and email notifications sent for account pending, approved, and disapproved statuses

Compatible with Wocommerce Version 3.0.0 or Higher | Wordpress Version 4.0.0 or Higher


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Features of Custom Fields for WooCommerce

Create Multiple Custom Fields

WooCommerce Custom Fields allows you to create multiple custom fields and add them on the Checkout, My Account, and Registration pages. 

New custom fields and existing WooCommerce fields for checkout, registration and my account page can be customized in various ways.

Supports 19 Field Types

The plugin allows you to choose from 19 field types in order to collect different types of information and display notices. 


Text area Email

Select box

Multi-select box



Radio button


Password (accept secret input)

File upload (limit file types and size)

Color picker

Date picker (calendar)

Time picker




VAT with validation

Description (message display only)


Create Conditional Fields

WooCommerce Custom Fields plugin allows you to create fields dependent on other fields to keep the registration as well as checkout pages simple. Only display fields when necessary. 

To clearly understand this, an Account Type drop-down field can be created and two options can be added to it: Company and Individual. You have the option of adding VAT fields that are tied to the selection of a certain company. The VAT fields will only be visible if the Account Type field is set to “Company.”

Add Fields Dependent on User Roles

With the Custom Fields plugin, fields can be created for certain user roles, and so only relevant customers will see them. For example, it is possible to establish a VAT field that is only shown to wholesale customers when they check out.

Any required fields will appear on the User Registration form after a user has selected a user role from the dropdown menu.

Choose from Multiple Checkout Field Positions

The plugin gives you an option to choose from 15 different field positions. These checkout fields can be placed almost anywhere on the checkout page.

  • Before or after Customer Details
  • Before or after the Billing Form
  • Before or after the Shipping Form
  • Before the Order Review heading
  • Before or after the Order Review
  • Before or after the Order Notes
  • Before or after the Terms and Conditions
  • Before or after the Order Submit Button

Enable Default Fields on the Registration Form

Display default billing fields on the registration form using the WooCommerce Custom Fields plugin. Choose to enable specific fields, edit labels, and mark them as mandatory or optional.

Manage Default Billing and Shipping Fields

Manage and customize default fields by:

  • Changing Billing Fields Labels
  • Show Default Billing and Shipping Fields
  • Hide Default Billing and Shipping Fields

Display User Roles Dropdown on the Registration Form

A drop-down list of user roles can be displayed on the registration form with Custom Fields for WooCommerce. This functionality is useful for B2B customers and other unique site visitors who need to fill out additional relevant information in dependent custom fields. Selecting a user role from a dropdown menu can display all or just a few user roles.

Validate New User Registrations Manually

New user registrations can be manually validated and approved based on user roles. Using the user roles drop down, you can opt to manually validate selected roles and configure the rest to automatically approve.

Manage Fields Data

This plugin enables you to manage fields data on various pages. It gives you the option to display custom fields data on the following pages:

  • The Admin Order Detail page
  • My Account – Order detail page (Checkout fields data only)
  • My Account – Account details page (Registration fields data)
  • Customer Detail page (Admin area)
  • Order Emails
Customer reviews

Feedback & acknowledgement from customers are the things that keeps us motivated, so here is what our customers say.

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    Custom Fields for WooCommerce

    Custom Fields for WooCommerce

    This plugin is so easy to setup and use. I am in the love with the feature that allows you to create conditional fields and make them dependent on other fields. Highly suggested.
  2. blank

    Custom Fields for WooCommerce

    Custom Fields for WooCommerce

    I love how simple Custom Field for WooCommerce is to use. I can quickly add custom fields to my products without any coding experience thanks to how seamlessly it integrates with my Woo Commerce setup.
  3. blank

    Custom Fields for WooCommerce

    Custom Fields for WooCommerce

    I love how custom field for WooCommerce provides thorough instructions and documentation. Even for those unfamiliar with WooCommerce, the setup and configuration process is simple to follow, otherwise the support is always there to help!