Magento 2 Limit Order Quantity

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Magento 2 Limit Order Quantity extension allows you to set minimum and maximum order quantities for specific products and categories. You can apply limits according to store views, customer groups and even individual customers. Once a limit has been applied you can create error messages for customers that have exceeded the limit, clearly guiding your customers why they have been prevented from placing items into their cart.

If you are looking to make your inventory last and still provide customers with a healthy shopping experience this extension will certainly be the tool for you.

  • Create numerous rules to set boundaries to order quantity
  • Set limits on individual or all products
  • Set limits to individual products based on attributes
  • Set limits for a particular customer or customer group
  • Set minimum or maximum restrictions on order quantity
  • Customize scenario based Error Messages
  • Create Individual quantity restrictions for multiple store views

Community: 2.1 - 2.3.x - 2.4.x | Enterprise: 2.1 - 2.3.x - 2.4.x

Magento 2 Limit Order Quantity

(4 customer reviews)



Detailed Features of Magento 2 Limit Order Quantity

Limit Order Quantity by Store Views & Group(s)

Your market base may consist of a wide selection of customer types, such as general customers, wholesale customers and/or retail customers. In this case you might want to add fixed boundaries to certain types of customer groups. For instance, you may be interested in setting up a minimum limit to an order quantity for your retail group so as to ensure their purchase will benefit you as well. You can also apply same limitation to all or specific store views.

Use Conditions to Select Products

This extension comes with an advanced conditions feature which allows you to select product by its attributes such as categories, size, color, SKU, weight, etc. This empower merchants to add different restriction in bulk by creating different rules and conditions to specify

Order Quantity Limits on Product Level

Add limits to the order quantities for individual products you are selling. You can save or clear your stock of items as per your requirement. Let us suppose a best-selling product is low in stock. Now, you can easily apply a maximum limit preventing unfavorable amount of purchases from product edit sheet.

Benefits of Limiting Order Quantity

  • Avoid Being ‘Sold Out’

    Be able to magically serve maximum customers. Once you identify that a product has quickly become a customer favorite, you can set limits to intelligently managing a limited stock for a longer time.

  • Force a Raise in B2B Sales

    A purchase from a wholesale customer will only prove beneficial if the quantity ordered renders a benefit to you. By placing a lower boundary on the order quantity of specific product(s) viewed by wholesale customers, you can discourage them from purchasing quantities that might be unacceptably low for you.

  • Make Packaging and Shipping Trouble-Free

    Packaging and shipping requirement can become the ultimate hassle for the sender. However, this tool will give you the lead in one more thing you can control. Make it less bothersome for you by regulating the order quantity in order to easily pack and ship the order. This help keeps all legal quantity or package size restrictions in check at all times as well.

Customer reviews

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  1. 5

    Magento 2 Limit Order Quantity

    Magento 2 Limit Order Quantity

    The last extension I was using didn't had the custom error message option, when the restricted quantity reached customers wereleft wondering what went wrong, thanks to Magento 2 limit order quantity now I can write custom error messages with restricted quantities
  2. 5

    Magento 2 Limit Order Quantity

    Magento 2 Limit Order Quantity

    Integrated Magento 2 limit order quantity, so far no issues works great, highly recommended
  3. 5

    Magento 2 Limit Order Quantity

    Magento 2 Limit Order Quantity

    Great work Addify developers, installed couple of other extensions that worked great now will install Magento 2 limit order quantity as well.
  4. 5

    Magento 2 Limit Order Quantity

    Magento 2 Limit Order Quantity

    Best part about Magento 2 limit order quantity is you can set customized quantities based on customer groups, categories and products.