Multi Locations Inventory Management for WooCommerce

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Manage your store inventory across different locations to efficiently plan stock, minimize wastage, and maximize cash flows. The Multi Locations Inventory for WooCommerce offers seamless inventory visualization through a dashboard. It lets you create & manage multiple warehouses & inventories and display store locations on both shop and product pages. Create multiple inventories for different types of products and conveniently import/export detailed stock data from CSV files. 

Key Features

  • View inventory changes across all store locations from a dashboard 
  • Manage complete stock in one place with customizable settings 
  • Display store locations for each product on shop & product pages 
  • Add and manage multiple warehouse locations

Compatible with WooCommerce Version 3.5.0 or Higher | WordPress Version 4.0.0 or Higher

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Billed annually at $129 / year

  • 1 year free support
  • 1 year extension updates

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Features of Multi Locations Inventory Management for WooCommerce

View Inventory Stats Across All Locations (Intuitive Dashboard)

With the WooCommerce multi location Inventory management plugin, you can effortlessly manage your entire inventory across different warehouses. The interactive dashboard lets you view the current stock value, the total stock, and the number of out-of-stock products. 

You can view stock changes over time by applying filters for different warehouses through different time periods. To keep your inventory well stocked, you can also explore the complete list of low-stock, overstock, and out-of-stock products.

Add & Manage Multiple Warehouse Locations

In case your ecommerce business has multiple stores and warehouses, you need a way to manage them all in one place. With the WooCommerce multi site inventory support, you can easily add new warehouse locations and manage them all from a user-friendly log. 

As you add new warehouse locations, you can insert custom descriptions for each, along with the following:

  • Add warehouse address & contact information
  • Insert store manager details 
  • Enter parent location for each warehouse 
  • Restrict order timing, after which orders will not be taken

For each location, you can choose which shipping zones, payment, and shipping methods are applicable (enable shipping and payment options from general settings).

View Complete Store Inventory In One Place

With WooCommerce multi warehouse inventory plugin, you can view your entire inventory in one place. The complete stock information is displayed in a table format, with product prices, tax info, stock quantities, warehouse locations, and more information. 

To view the stock of your choice, you can apply filters based on product SKU, name, category, and quantity. You can further explore store inventory from all or chosen categories, product types, stock statuses, and locations. Once you have a table with your entire inventory listed down, you can choose to edit the following options for each product:

  • Adjust original and sale price
  • Choose to manage stock and edit stock quantity
  • Set a low stock threshold 
  • Choose to allow back orders with/without notifying customers
  • Enable product to be sold individually and edit location 

You can color code various stock statuses by choosing custom colors for each. This step allows you to differentiate and identify stock statuses within your massive inventory easily. Furthermore, you can set the Over Stock Threshold value, beyond which inventory will be marked as overstocked. 

Display Product Locations on Single Product Page

The WooCommerce multiple stock locations plugin lets you display locations on product pages to inform the user about where a particular product is available. The locations for each product can be displayed in the following formats:

  • Dropdown
  • Radio buttons

Additionally, you can implement location-based restrictions. Set limitations for locations only to display desired product locations to customers.

Furthermore, you can customize the visuals of the displayed locations by adjusting the title, border, field background color, etc. In case a product is out of stock, you can choose to hide those locations. Hiding unavailable products helps avoid inconvenience during shopping. 

Display Store Locations on the Shop Page With Available Stock

As potential customers land on your shop page, you can display locations where each product is available, along with the stock and prices. Note that only by enabling the inventory prices you can show the prices for each child product, otherwise, the default parent product prices will be shown. 

Additionally, you can choose to hide out-of-stock products to minimize orders of unavailable products. To offer maximum convenience to your customers, you can enable the location search bar on the shop page so customers can enter the location and view available products at selected venues.

Create Multiple Inventories for Simple & Variable Products

The plugin allows you to create multiple WooCommerce warehouse inventory across various locations. Whether you sell simple or variable products (products with multiple variants), you can manage inventories for both. For each product in your inventory, you can adjust the following settings:

  • Add the date of manufacturing 
  • Enter expiry date, after which the product won’t be displayed (even if in stock)
  • Add original and sale price
  • Choose warehouse Location

Additionally, you can add multiple inventories for a product by adjusting the following:

  • Add inventory location 
  • Insert inventory priority order
  • Enter inventory SKU & name
  • Add manufacturing and expiry date 
  • Choose to add separate prices for each inventory 
  • Enter stock quantity
  • Insert low stock threshold 

Assign Orders to Warehouses Based on Priority or Maximum Stock

You can choose to automatically assign orders to warehouse locations based on the set priority or the stock quantity. If you choose to assign orders based on the most inventory in stock, the warehouses with the most amount of inventory available will automatically be assigned the orders. 

On the other hand, if you choose the warehouse as per the priority order, the warehouse with the highest priority at the product level will be assigned the order automatically. You can carry out the above actions by enabling the backend settings. Note that enabling the backend settings will disable all the front-end settings.

Conveniently Import/Export Child Inventory Stock Info from a CSV File

To load inventory data in bulk, you can import/export data from CSV files. The plugin lets you import inventory information of the child inventories (created using this plugin). If the imported product data matches any existing product ID, then the existing inventory will be updated. 

Using the WooCommerce multi inventory locations, you can import/export data with detailed product and inventory information, including product and inventory ID, location, expiry date, stock quantity, low stock threshold, etc.

Technical Compatibility

  • Version1.1.0View changelog
  • WordPress Version Required4.0.0 or Higher
  • WooCommerce Version Required3.5.0 or Higher
  • Multi-Site SupportYes
  • Multi-Site SupportEnglish
  • Multi-Site SupportWPML Supported
  • TranslatableYes, Translation Ready
  • CountriesWorldwide

More Features

  • View complete inventory stats from dashboard & explore:
    • Current stock value 
    • Total stock 
    • Out-of-stock products
  • Create multiple inventories for simple & variable products
  • Import/export detailed stock data from CSV files
  • Apply filters based on date and location 
  • View the complete list of products that are:
    • Low Stock 
    • Overstock 
    • Out Of Stock
  • Add new warehouse locations and customize:
    • Warehouse description
    • Parent location 
    • Contact & store manager details
    • Shipping and payment method
    • Shipping zones
  • Restrict warehouse order timings 
  • View detailed stock data with complete product info
  • View inventory changes over time for each location
  • Bulk import/export inventory data from CSV files
  • Display store locations on shop pages and choose to enable:
    • Location names & available stock 
    • Inventory price 
    • Hide out-of-stock products
    • Location search bar 
  • Display store locations on single product pages as 
    • Dropdown 
    • Radio buttons
  • Enable backend editing only (frontend settings will be disabled)
  • Adjust over stock and low stock thresholds
  • Create multiple inventories across locations for:
    • Simple products
    • Variable products 

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