Prestashop Automatic Customer Group Switcher Module

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The PrestaShop Automatic Customer Group Switcher Module helps eCommerce websites to automate assigning and switching customer groups based on products purchased, order amount, or amount spent in a particular time frame or over a lifetime. A streamlined process of managing the customer groups helps display specific product prices, variations and offers to specific customer groups such as B2B customers or direct consumers.

The  Automatic Customer Group Switcher Module includes the following extensive features:

  • Assign or switch customer groups based on product purchased, product category, order amount, or total amount spent in customer lifetime.
  • Gain: When a customer is added to a new group along with being a member of the previous group
  • Create multiple rules to define conditions for assigning and switching groups.
  • Define Rule Limit through the specific rule start and end dates
  • Define customer group limit to assign a new group for a limited number of days.
  • Automatically maintain Customer Group change history log for every customer
  • Activate/Deactivate sending email to the customer upon group change or assignment. 

V1.7.0.0 to V8.0.4


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Detailed Features of This Prestashop Module

Set Multiple Rules As Per Need

Define rules for the automatic customer role switcher module through the rule settings. These include:

  • Define Rule Name
  • Set rule priority in case of multiple rules
  • Activate/Deactivate rule
  • Select whether the rule will Switch or Assign a user group to the customer.
  • Select current customer group for rule application
  • Select customer group to be assigned on the basis of the rule
  • Set the rule starting date
  • Set the rule ending date
  • Set the group time limit as the number of days for an individual  customer

Keep Record of Changing Customer Group

The Prestashop Automatic Customer Group Switcher Module maintains a history log of the customer group switch to get a clear and instant picture for every customer. The log includes the following details:

  • Customer ID and Name
  • Previous Customer Group
  • New Customer Group
  • Reason for switching
  • Rule Name – on the basis of which the switch was made
  • Rule starting and ending dates
  • Group limit in days
  • Date updated.


Thus the Prestashop Automatic Customer Group Switcher Module allows the eCommerce enterprise to automate the organization of its customer base for a streamlined and continuously evolving customer experience. 

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